Pros & Cons of the Affordable Health Care Act

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

Health care is one of if not the most sessional insurance policies to obtain. However, why are there so much negative feedback toward the newest health insurance, the Affordable Health Care Act. WHat are the pros and the cons to joining this type of health insurance?

Pro: Citizens with no record of having health insurance can now join and afford it.

According to the Washington Post over 9 million people have signed up and have coverage in the Affordable Health Care Act.

Con: Not all 9 million have sign up for just the health care act.

There has been more Medicaid and QHP applications than any other health insured plan. QHP stands for Qualified Health Plans.

Pro: Millions of People who cannot afford health insurance will after joining this act.

The people who couldn’t afford health care can now access it through the marketplace.

Con: Where is this extra money to help millions of people pay for health care? Oh yeah, through taxes.

There are new taxes for people with high-earnings. The taxes that may affect you personally are the individual mandate, everyone needs to pay health insurance, and employer mandate, for businesses to provide health care.

Pro: Small businesses now maintain tax credits for 50 percent of their employees’ health insurance costs.

If you get hurt on the job, you can file for workers compensation.

Con: Some businesses have cut workers hours because of the 2015 mandate employment.

The 2015 mandate employment law go into effect when only 50 percent of full-time workers have health insurance get tax credits. If any business, small or large has more than 50 percent of employees workers may see their hours decrease.

Pro: Teenagers and young adults can stay on their parents health insurance until they are 26 years old.

Most if not all young people such as kids, teens, and young adults don’t pay for health insurance. They are attached to their families health plans.

Con: Young adults don’t think about health care as much as older adults.

Young people think that they are better off not joining a health care plan.

Pro: The new health care act has gotten positive feedback from Democrats.

Con: Republicans can’t stand the new health care act.

Both political parties show straight-forward facts why they approve or disapprove the Affordable Health Care Act.

What are your views on the new Affordable Health Care Act?