10 Things People Who Grew Up Shy Had To Deal With

10 Things People Who Grew Up Shy Had To Deal With

For those who grew up shy, we’ve been victims of awkward situations, dreaded presentations, and different misconceptions. Here are those 10 things that shy people had to deal with. Believe me, most of it was annoying.

1. When you’re in a group project, and your group members want you to be the speaker.

Excuse me? I said I was holding the poster. When did I ever agree to speak?


You’ve got to be kidding me. Do I need a microphone or something? Shut up.

3. When your teacher calls on you to answer a question.

You couldn’t pick on someone else? What about the other twenty people in the class?

4. “We’re getting into groups. Find people you want to work with.”

What? Help me.

5. “Why are you so shy? You don’t like talking to people?”

Please. Just stop.

6. When your professor says, “We’ll go around the room and introduce ourselves.”

Can I panic now or later? Just skip to the lesson already.

7. When people think you’re rude because you don’t smile:

What? I could be thinking about what’s for dinner tonight. Do I have to smile 24/7? If I did that, I would’ve looked like a creep.

8. Meeting your parents’ friends for the first time, and they immediately start a conversation with you:

Yeah…I didn’t come over to make small talk with you. So stop talking. Please.

9. When you have to give a oral presentation in front of the class:

Help me. Somebody. Anybody. I’m not emotionally ready.

10. Seeing people talk with their friends, and you’re just sitting there like:

I don’t know how to make small talk. This is so awkward. What do I say? What do I do? Help.

Despite everything, you’ve been able to make it through life without cracking. Congratulations.