Signs You’re a Dunkin’ Donuts Addict

Signs Youre a Dunkin Donuts Addict

1. You go to Dunkin Donuts so much, you’ve given it nicknames.    


Dunkin’, Dunkin D’s, D Donuts, and my favorite, DD.

 2. You can’t start your day without a cup of your favorite coffee. 


3. And when you want to go back for seconds, you have to go to another DD or go through the drive thru.


(Just so they don’t judge).

4. Let’s be honest, you plan your entire day around DD.  


You always make sure there’s one near by.

5. When you don’t have your daily intakes in a while, you feel the withdrawals coming.


It’s like the end of the world.

6. You would never dare get a pumpkin latte from Starbucks. But when and if you do, it’s practically cheating.


7. In any given day, your car tends to look like you’re collecting DD cups.



8. During football season, regardless of what team you’re a true fan of, you hope the NY Jets and/or the Giants win so you can get a medium iced coffee for a quarter. 


And when they don’t give it to you, you argue as you show them the scores saying, “It’s 25 cents because the NY football team won, see!?!” (It’s happened many times).

9. The best flavors are the seasonal ones.


10. Everyone knows that a cup of DD coffee is the real way to your heart.


11. No matter how many different places you get coffee from, DD will always be your forever love.