Six Things You Need To Know About Body Language


For those who are not good enough expressing themselves, here is a new method to find out exactly the meaning of their silence…

By definition Body Language is :  A kind of non verbal communication, where feelings are expressed by posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space.

 1-Long Eye Contact

Extremely long eye contact could be a sign of lying.

         Be careful my eyes can lie.

2-Forced Smile

Forced smiles are a sign of obligations and doing things that you don’t feel like doing but there is no choice.

OMG! this is painful…

3-Raised EyeBrows 

This can be a sign of discomfort, frustration and a dislike about something in particular.

You need more prove. Just Look at them. Look!! Feeling frustrated…

4- Crossed Legs

They send a signal of being closed off mentally, physically and emotionally.

Do not reveal anymore! ahahah…

5-Crossed Arms

They are a sign of defensiveness.

Who said defensiveness…

6- Furrowed EyeBrows

They are a sign of stress.. Like Britney!

I am not stressed!!!!

However if you are trying to read my body language,  first start by reading this.