12 Signs You Have ODD (Obsessive Dog Disorder)

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12 Signs You Have ODD (Obsessive Dog Disorder)

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1. Your camera roll is filled with pictures of your dog.


2. You cancel your plans because the thought of leaving your pup breaks your heart. 


3. You love to watch him sleep.


4. Your dog is always allowed to call shotgun. 

img_2621 img_1851

5. You dress your dog up for any occasion and take photos to be festive. 

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6. You made your dog his own social media.


7. You take selfies with your dog AND he smiles.

img_1947 img_2662

8. All your stories start with, “So today my dog…”


“So today my dog drove!”

9. When your dog destroys your stuff, you can’t get mad.


10. When you need a hand, your dog is always there for you.


11. Your dog gives love a meaning.


12. Lastly, you create an article based on your dog.


A big shoutout to my dog, Romo, for being the world’s greatest dog a human could ever ask for!!!!!