10 Ways Single People Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Lets celebrate S.A.D (Singles Awareness Day) instead of Valentine’s Day.

10 Ways Single People Can Celebrate Valentine’s Day

There is less than one week left before Valentine’s Day and your ass is still single. But, don’t be discouraged and don’t let those cute annoying couple showcasing their love and affection on social media ruin your day. You deserve to have the same amount of fun without feeling bad about yourself. Here are 10 ways you can celebrate this overrated holiday. 

1)Go to school/ Go to work

Okay so it’s not the most fun thing to do especially on that day but Valentine’s Day is on a weekday so for the most part you would be doing what you normally do which is go to work or go to school. As far as you know it’s just another day of the week. Your plans don’t change because it’s Valentine’s Day and neither should you.


2) Binge watch

This is the day in which you can finally keep up with that TV show you wanted to watch. You can watch any movies you like for as long as you want and there is nothing that anyone can do about it because you don’t have anyone to tell you not to watch it. Ha, I’m savage. But seriously, watch The Notebook and fantasize a life in which you are with Ryan Gosling in a boat feeding swans. Yeah, do that. This goes for guys too. I know you wish you were in a boat with Ryan Gosling feeding swans.


3) Eat…alot

Eat everything that you want because no one can judge you. Unlimited pizza, chips, cookies, cake. You name it, it’s all for you and no one else. Studies show that food makes anyone happy. Go be happy, eat the food.


4) Get something for your family/friends

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. It’s a day where you show someone how much you love them and it can be any one. You obviously love your family and friends so why not think about them on this day and get them something nice. Chocolate, roses, cards, you name it. I’m sure they will be extremely happy that you didn’t forget about them on Valentine’s Day.


5) Make a dating account

Listen to Shia LaBeouf and just create that dating account. You don’t want to be single next Valentine’s Day. I say start now that way next year you can be in a relationship. It’s easy and quick and who knows, maybe you will find someone you can spend Valentine’s Day with.


6) Cuddle with your pet

Just because you are alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. If you have a pet then you’ve already found someone to cuddle and snuggle with. If you don’t have a pet what are you waiting for, go get one. Having a pet is even better than being in a relationship because they go wherever you go, eat whatever you feed them, they are soft and cute. The list goes on and on. Pets > anyone else.


7) Invite other single friends to your house

How can you forget your single friends? They are probably feeling just as lonely as you are. Invite them over to your house and have an unforgettable party. Tell them to invite their other single friends. Bake food, drink wine and talk about how awesome you guys are because you get to spend the day with each other.


8) Drink alcohol

First, get out of your house and go to the nearest bar. Second, order the strongest drink there is on the menu. Lastly, get drunk. Forget this holiday even exists. If you already have an alcoholic drink in your house then you’ve saved yourself a couple of bucks. Congratulations. Just drink safely.


9) Treat/ Pamper yourself

Spend the day loving yourself. Go to the mall and buy yourself a watch, clothes, shoes, or anything. Get your hair done, your nails, or a massage. Pamper yourself the way you would want to be pampered.


10) Dance the night away

Yessssss, work it. Shake it. Twerk it. Move that skeleton, go to a club and let the day come to an end by dancing the night away. It’s the perfect way to end the day and forget that it is Valentine’s Day. Jam out to old school music or today’s hit but just dance like no one’s watching. When you hear all those people cheering for you to keep dancing, you will forget that it’s Valentine’s Day and that you’re single. The only thing that will matter is that you got some sick moves and people actually enjoy watching you dance.