7 Best St. Patrick’s Day Jokes

7 Best St. Patricks Day Jokes

With Saint Patrick’s Day coming up, here are the top 7 St. Patty’s Day themed jokes!

 1. What do you get when you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?

Answer: A rash of good luck!


2. What do ghosts drink on St. Patrick’s Day?

Answer: Boo’s !!


3. What do they call the Irish Jig at McDonalds?



Answer: A Shamrock Shake!


4. Why do leprechauns have pots of gold?

Answer: They like to “go” first class!


5. How did the Irish jig get started?



Answer: Too much to drink and not enough restrooms!


6. Why don’t you iron four-leaf clovers?


Answer: You don’t want to press your luck!


7. How is a best friend like a four-leaf clover?


Answer: Because they are hard to find and lucky to have!