5 Reasons You Should Be A College Athlete


Every athlete dreams of playing at the highest level they are capable of. Whether that be college or professional, there are steps necessary to achieve the athletic goals you’ve set for yourself.

Being recruited and playing college sports isn’t an easy process by any means, but it is a rewarding one. If you are considering playing a sport in college that you are passionate about, I want to reassure you and encourage you with 5 reasons why you should.


  1. Scholarship Opportunities to Further Your Education


College is expensive, and any way that you can get help paying for your college education is ideal. My question to you is: Why not continue to play the sport you are passionate about at the college level, while getting your education paid for? The feeling of being rewarded for your athletic abilities is irreplaceable and fulfilling. There are programs that are willing and able to give you a scholarship big enough to cover all of your college expenses, so that you come out of college debt free with a degree. Even if all of your schooling isn’t covered by the athletic program, there are grants and academic scholarships available that could achieve the same financial coverage.


2. Prepares You for the Real World After College


When you step into the real world after college, there are many lessons you can take away from being a college athlete. One of the many is learning how to effectively work in a team environment. This is an important skill to have when you are entering the workforce, surrounded by people with diverse backgrounds and personalities than your own. When you are a new addition to a team of people you’ve never met, it forces you to get to know your teammates on a personal level and create relationships. Whether you get butt heads with them or love them to death, there is a demand to work together, despite the differences, in order for the chemistry to be strong among the team. Another lesson is time management. It prepares you for how hectic it can be with your life after college. Balancing school, athletics, your social life, and possibly a job, can be challenging and may seem overwhelming at times. But in the end, this preparation will benefit you and your future.


3. Commitment


Being a college athlete teaches you how to be committed to your teammates, your coaches, and your college. There are standards that need to be met in order to be eligible to play and compete at this level. For example, it holds you responsible for keeping your grades up in order to meet a certain GPA to compete. There are also standards expected of you by your coaches to ensure you will be able to play at your highest potential. Committing yourself to your team is a promise that you will make working hard in the classroom and on the court or the field a priority, as well as hold yourself responsible for your actions outside of the sport. It teaches you discipline and accountability to be the best you can be as a student and an athlete.


4. Keeps you competitive


College athletics have the ability to maintain your competitive drive and inspire you to bring the best out in yourself. If you see your teammates competing for a position or an opportunity, it is going to push you to compete even harder. This is relevant in many other aspects of life, such as getting a job or a promotion that others desire just as much as you do or more. As athletes, we are always taught that our opponents are our enemies until we step of the court or the field. This keeps your fire inside and a need for success within every avenue of your life.


5. The Places You Go, The People You Meet


Playing college athletics allows you to go places you never imagined and meet people who become some of your best friends. It is not everyday you get the opportunity to play the sport you love with people around the globe and travel around the globe with them. The road trips and the flights make for great memories that you’ll never forget and friendships that last a lifetime. The camaraderie involved with being among athletes who are looking to achieve the same goal, in your sport and other sports, is powerful and creates a community within the school. To support your team and other teams on campus becomes an experience that is truly involved and personal. In networking within the athletic community, you create chances to open up more doors of opportunity in your life.