5 Of My All Time Favorite Songs From The Film Rent

Many would say that Rent is a staple film in the LGBTQ community and the legacy continues to live on to this day.

5 Of My All Time Favorite Songs From The Film Rent

Rent is a film that was made in 2005 that covers the lives of various people during the AIDS crisis in Lower Manhattan’s East Village.

It first started out as an Off-Broadway production that was based on Giacomo Puccini’s Opera La Boheme created by Jonathan Larson, who died suddenly the night before the off-Broadway premiere. Rent is one of my favorite films and today I will discuss my five favorite songs from the film.


WARNING: Spoilers ahead!


  1. I’ll Cover You (Reprise) 

Performed at Angel’s funeral, you find out how much Angel meant to Collins, and how much Collins loved Angel. Angel was Collin’s lover and also best friends with the group. This song shows how much of an impact Angel had on everyone she was around and how much everyone would miss her.

Even though Angel dies, this is not the last time you will see her in the film and it is certainly not the last time she would be mentioned. Angel had such a large impact on this group of friends that not everything is the same after she passes away.

2.  Seasons Of Love 

This is the first song performed in the film by all the cast members and one of the best songs of the film. The vocals in this song are incredible and sets the tone of the entire film. While this is the only time you hear this song, it is not the only time you see the setup of the song.

In a deleted scene from the film which also happened to be the original finale, all the main characters are standing in these exact spots they are standing in for this song when Angel, who had died earlier, reappears and stands in his spot with the rest of the cast. It was ultimately cut from the film fearing that the viewers would question returned why he returned.

3. Light My Candle 


This song is when Roger and the viewers first meet Mimi. It sets the tone of their relationship throughout the film; they have a rollercoaster journey throughout their relationship and this is where it all begins.

This song is also where we find out that Roger’s ex-girlfriend committed suicide and left him a note saying she gave him HIV/AIDS. This song is where you understand why Roger acts the way he does around other people and it explains why he has a stand-offish attitude with people around him.

4. Today 4 U

This song is when Collins’ friends and main characters, Mark and Roger, meet Angel for the first time. Viewers also see Angel in her drag queen persona for the first time, too. It shows you the person that Angel is and how everyone’s relationship with her begins. Angel tends to Collins when he gets mugged and this is when Collins and Angel meet, but it is not until the next day that everyone else meets Angel and grow close with her.

This song is also when we find out that Angel is the one who killed Benny’s dog and we also how we find out how she makes her living during this number. While she helps Collin’s while he gets mugged in the beginning of the film, it was never exactly said why she was there and this is when we find out why.

5. Will I 

This song takes place during an AIDS support group that Collins, Angel, and Mark are attending. During the song, Roger contemplates whether he should attend the meeting as he doesn’t think he needs to talk about his problems with others, but towards the end of the song, he comes around to the idea and attends the support group meeting.

The passion and the vocals in this song are amazing. When listening to the song, you can feel the emotion and the pain and I think it is a breathtaking song from the film.


If you haven’t seen the film Rent, I highly recommend doing so. The film will better help you understand the struggles in the LGBTQ community and the struggles of living with HIV/AIDS.

While almost of the dialogue in the film is a musical number, I think that is one of the many reasons that this film unique. Ultimately, it can help you better understand the life of a person that is a part of the LGBTQ community.