10 Ways to Wind Down After a Long Day

We’ve all been there, dealing with what life’s throwing at us and completely forgetting to allow ourselves to unwind after a stressful day. It’s a vicious cycle we find ourselves in a few nights out of the week but no more. Relaxing after a long day shouldn’t be a crime nor something that feels unattainable. Everyone deserves to have an easy night before bed.

Let’s begin:

1. Listen to music 

Kick off your night with one of your favorite songs or indulge in the many playlists that are aimed at relaxing the listeners. Apple Music has updated playlists ranging from Peaceful Music to Relaxing Classical, so there are many options to choose from! The beauty of such playlists are they are great for background noise while you settle down.


2. Stretch/Yoga

Did you know yoga takes your body out the flight-or-fight stress response? This will leave you feeling completely stress free! Taking up yoga, and simply having a nighttime routine, will help you be less engaged with poor nighttime habits. Also, when has yoga ever been stressful?


3. Cook your favorite meal

Food is the key to the soul. Take your mind off strenuous stressors and practice the act of patience, mindfulness, and allow your creative ideas flow. Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal? Especially if it’s your favorite.


4. Read a book

What better way to leave this chaotic reality then jumping into another one? Reading a book is a great stress reliever and it allows your brain to disconnect from the world. Next time don’t hesitate to pick up that book you’ve always wanted to read.


5. Journaling

In more recent years, the idea of journaling has made its way into people’s daily routines. Even if it is a short entry, give journaling a try to reflect on your day. Write about the joys and horrors you encountered in the day or solely focus on the good that happened. It’ll make you feel better, trust me.


6. Skin Care

Who said pampering yourself was ever a bad thing? Some dedicate a night to go all out with their skincare routine but why stick to one night? You deserve to feel the euphoria that skin care brings every night. Apply your favorite face mask and relax.


7. Play a game

Who says destressing must be boring? Pull out a word search, assemble that 1000-piece puzzle, or take out the cards, any game is fine but try your best to avoid any blue light. Blue light, from your tv, phone, etc, can disrupt your sleep. If you do decide to engage in any device before bed, make sure it’s two hours before you sleep.


8. Create tomorrow’s to-do list

Even though it is the night before, creating tomorrow’s to-do list might be beneficial in keeping your stress at bay. Put the harder tasks at the top so you can finish your day on a stress-free note. Or vice versa, whichever works for you! Having the to-do list ready can bring a sense of organization


9. Grab a drink

There’s a large variety of soothing drinks out there but it depends on which your taste buds prefer. Are you a peppermint tea fan? A glass of milk fanatic? Or a cup of water devotee? The one you decide on will no doubt give you sense of refreshens and help settle you down for the night.


10. Shower

And if the previous suggestions don’t work, finalize your day with a warm shower or bath–whichever you prefer. Engulf in the warm and steam as it will help calm your mind and allow you to distress. A shower at night can help promote longer sleep.