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Top 8 Classic Halloween Movies


It’s officially October which means lit form within orange pumpkins, haunted houses full of goblins and monsters, dressing up in gory costumes with friends, and baking sweet cookies. The most important of all to get into the Halloween spirit is by watching Halloween movies that are full of scares and frighten everyone until they’re hiding under their covers. These are the top 8 classic Halloween movies to watch every Halloween season on repeat.

  1. Halloweentown

Almost everyone who has watched Halloweentown could agree that they have yearned to go to Halloweentown. A town filled with pumpkins, hay, potions, and goblins who are kind for the most part. Watching Halloweentown brings you into an unknown world that you want to live in forever. Or maybe just every Halloween. 


  1. Carrie

Carrie is one of those chilling movies you should watch during Halloween. However, it can also be watched at any time. It’s not lighthearted whatsoever and it really makes its audience think about the deeper meaning. If you love blood, gore, and analysis, this movie is the right fit. 


  1. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters is generic yet classic. It’s an idea I feel anyone can have thought of but couldn’t at the same time. Either way, the Ghostbuster’s theme song is still one of the most iconic sounds in music to hear while watching the movie or even playing on your radio. 


  1. Casper

When I think of Casper, I get major nostalgia. I remember faintly watching it when I was younger and certain scenes brought up fond memories. It’s the perfect potion mix of nostalgia, comedy, and ghosts of all different personalities. 


  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I still can’t tell whether this movie is more perfect for Halloween or Christmas time. However, I think it’s the perfect movie to throw on for either occasion to have in the background while you bake cookies, carve pumpkins, or cook ghost pizzas with your loved ones.  


  1. Halloween

The Halloween franchise was definitely dragged out for way too long. Yet, I still say watching the first Halloween is a must every Halloween. It is classic with its directing, music selections, and acting, especially done by the infamous Jamie Lee Curtis.  


  1. Scooby-Doo

Any Scooby-Doo movie or show is full of mystery, friendship, fights, and love. The real-life version brings these qualities to life even better than a cartoon could. When it comes to Scooby-Doo saying “Shaggy raggy roo” how could you not die of laughter? 


  1. Scream

After 6 Scream movies in the franchise now, you would think it would get old. However, each movie surprisingly gets even better, with more jumpscares and shockers throughout. If you haven’t seen the most recent Scream starring Jenna Ortega, you are truly missing out on a heart-stopping, brain-boggling experience.  


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