Make 2022 Your Year


I have officially dubbed 2022 as the “Year of the Angels”. Call it a gut feeling or my optimism getting the best of me, but I feel incredibly lucky this year.

My spirituality journey kicked off with angel numbers. Everywhere I looked, I would always catch the same numbers 11 and 44 in anything from license plates to the time. Though it drove me crazy in the beginning, I dove deeper and understood the meaning of each. I found myself purposefully seeking out these numbers.

I was obsessed. Going a day without catching them would cause me to feel disappointed in myself. Maybe I did something that caused my angels to stop guiding me? There was a period when I stopped seeing these numbers altogether. From what I can recall, I was at a standstill– following the repeating cycle of getting up for class, homework, studying, and then sleeping.

Until the summer of 2019. The summertime has always been rough for me. Instead of soaking up the sun and going on adventures with friends and family, I isolate myself in the four walls of my bedroom. Naturally, I do like to keep to myself, and I value my alone time, but this year in particular, I found interacting with anyone was the hardest even though I wanted to so badly.

My energy was the lowest it’s ever been that first half of the summer. And then I saw the number 11. At this point, I completely forgot what it meant. The iPublishing Team describes the number as “…a message from the angels telling you to take action and make a radical shift in your life. Having waited too long – now is the time to realize your goals”

Two things happened:

  1. My social life increased– not by much but enough where I didn’t feel as lonely.
  2. I grew a newfound appreciation for angel numbers.

Now, it isn’t just 11 and 44 I’m seeing. I’m noticing different numbers in different combinations that my brain can hardly keep up with their meanings. But that’s okay. Just seeing them is enough for me.

Now, why am I calling 2022 the year of the angels? Look at all the twos! The number 2 focuses on the themes of peace, balance, love, and cooperation. Judging from these past 2 years, we need all of those themes that we can get. And the twos are multiplied so it will be intensified.

The number 0 represents the beginning. It starts off with the number sequences and has a connection with a higher power.

Deauna Nunes, a writer at Your Tango, expresses her optimism for the new year and states, “It only makes sense that 2022 means balance, faith, success, manifesting miracles, and new opportunities. If you’re looking for a fresh start to your new year, this number may just do the trick.”

Although it sounds cliché, make this year your year. Be the person you’ve always aspired to be, go after the goals you never felt worthy of achieving, and manifest the life you deserve.

A fun thing to do is create a vision board for the year or if you are someone who really enjoys creating collages, challenge yourself by creating a vision board for every month. I like the vision board route as it helps with visualizing yourself in your desired scenarios, and it’s known to be a powerful manifesting technique.

For the writers out there, scripting is another visualizing technique. Allow yourself to be the main character and write out every detail of the life you want. Tip, make sure to write as if you already have your desires. I like to think of the scripting technique as a diary entry or a letter to a friend.

If your someone who wants to take a simpler route, I suggest making a list of affirmations, how many is up to you, and going throughout the day repeating them. Depending on your mindset, manifesting can be the easiest or the hardest thing to do. Affirmation suggestions: Manifesting is so easy for me, my manifestations are instant, I have all I desire.

We are in a time when we have realized how powerful our minds can be. Instead of being unhappy, create your dream life and if your life is already great, make it greater.