We Don’t Choose Them, They Choose Us


I can always count on seeing you on a tough day.

A day where I’m not mentally in it. I look up and around then I see you. Just flying by and letting me know I’m going to be okay. You follow me wherever I go. To the store, walking home, and even when I’m at practice.

They are known to be messengers, teachers, and or protectors that are in the form of an animal. What is your spirit animal? A ladybug? A wolf? A crow? Mine is a hawk and a white butterfly.

It is said that you can have more than one in a lifetime, depending on your mood and circumstances.

My animals chose me and have stood by me for a couple of years.

A couple of common animals and their meanings:
Cat- can represent independence and adventure.
Deer- can represent a good balance between confidence and gentleness.
Owl- can represent intelligence. It might signify that you can see what other people miss.
Turtle- can represent one who is on a journey towards truth, understanding, and peace.

Spirit animals hold a very sacred place in tribal culture. Mostly from Native American spirituality. They are said to help us make spiritual connections with the world around us.
I see a hawk over my head when I’m seeking answers or when I’m confused about something. It flies directly over my head then leaves.

It’s funny how the hawk always catches my eye then disappears. But when I see a white butterfly, it’s whenever I’m doing something I enjoy. Whether it’s softball or laying out on my hammock reading a book; It just files near me and lets me know it’s here.

You can find your spirit animals by feeling an instant connection to them. Or in other cases, animals can emanate certain traits that we can use more of. The animal may be in your dreams or on your mind a lot without a reason as to why. It is said that your spirit animal should become significantly clearer as you find out the depths of who you are.

My freshman year of college was when I first started seeing the hawk fly over my head. I didn’t know what it meant at that time, so I looked it up. Hawks are a symbol for strengthening yourself as an individual. When I realized that it represents strength from within, it all clicked. I struggled a lot during my first year of college, and seeing a hawk fly over my head was one of the things that helped me keep my head up.

When my sophomore year came around, I became very drawn to white butterflies. One would fly around my practice field. One time I even saw it at an away game. It stuck around a lot longer than the hawk did. When I looked into seeing a white butterfly, I read that it can represent transformation and renewal, which was oddly exactly what I was trying to do. I was dedicated to focusing on becoming a better person my sophomore year, and the white butterfly tagged along for the journey.

Now, whenever I see either, I think it is to remind me of who I used to be and help me realize that I’ve come so far; Maybe even to help myself take a step back to suck it all in. Life moves so fast that we forget to try and be the observer every once in a while.
I wonder when I start a new chapter in my life, will I have another connection with a different animal? I feel like there isn’t a right or wrong way to go about any of this. There isn’t a rule book; I believe it’s based on your perspective.

Whether your animal is guiding you, protecting you, or even just watching over you, I feel as though it’s very important to thank it for being there. The more I showed my animals gratitude, the more I saw them around. A simple smile to acknowledge its presence will do.

All in all, the world around us is mysterious and beautiful all in one.