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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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Relationships: Bridges of the Heart


Discovering the intricacies of love is like trying to catch the essence of a fleeting moment, especially when it’s an intimate connection shared between just two souls.

In the dance of our love story, it’s him and I crafting a symphony of understanding in our peculiar way. Our origins are as diverse as the stars.

Yet, we blend into a beautiful harmony, dancing to the rhythm of shared dreams and a profound sense of humor.

Defining us is a challenge, for the beauty of our connection lies in its enigmatic nature; our essence is a mystery known only to us. Before him, love had woven itself through the chapters of my life, at times bringing heartbreak.

The indescribable ache in one’s chest, the void that words fail to capture.

In my relatively short life, I’ve learned love in various forms. Love is a double-edged sword capable both of lifting and toppling us. Choosing the right relationships is a poignant decision where missteps can lead to heartaches.

I, too, have stumbled and failed, my heart once a vessel of hate and sorrow in the aftermath of heartbreak. Yet, despite the scars, I find myself loving more intensely and healthily now.

It’s not merely the love bestowed upon a significant other but also the love woven into the fabric of family and those closest to my heart.

My life has taken a transformative turn, and he, my boyfriend, arrived like a beacon of light in one of my darkest moments, becoming my sanctuary. His loyalty and resilience have weathered the storms of my emotional upheavals.

This narrative is a testament to the building of the fusion of friendship and love, where a partner evolves into a confidant and ally. Our relationships, whether acknowledged or not, shape the very core of our identity.

Choosing wisely is not just a piece of advice I give, but I carry it. As humans, prone to errors, safeguarding our hearts and surrounding ourselves with those who genuinely care becomes an imperative life decision.

The uniqueness of our relationships extends beyond mere physical proximity. We’ve cultivated a profound soul connection, a friendship that comforts me during the darkest days.

Loyalty, I’ve come to learn, weaves through our bond, steadfast through thick and thin.

Life is a tumultuous journey, marked by ups and downs, and the choice of companion during those times is when the true essence of our relationships is revealed.

Many question why I’ve chosen a connection with someone oceans away. I say, “I didn’t choose to love him.”

That’s a lie.

I chose him because his presence transcended physical boundaries. Love becomes a decision, a choice to see the best in someone, a testament to the genuine spirit of humanity.

The safety, confidence, and feelings that grow scarcer with age flourish within our connection. Forgiveness, I’ve come to realize, is an integral facet of love. When love is the foundation, forgiveness becomes the bridge to understanding.

My mother’s plea to choose my partner wisely resonates deeply. In the hardships of life’s challenges, those closest to us wield the most significant impact on our minds and souls.

This is more than a reflection on relationships – it’s a heartfelt gratitude for the life lessons that have guided me toward making wiser choices and the unwavering support that has been my anchor.

In a world where understanding may elude others, my closest relationships span the globe, an unconventional yet cherished tapestry of love.

As I conclude with a romantic note, people often inquire about our communication and the influence of our respective cultures. The funny thing is, what captivates us is the beauty of our differences, a symphony of constraining notes.

You the number and I the letters.

If he mirrors my morals and gracefully navigates my character, I am more than grateful. We are all leaving for the first time.

This is a tribute to love, a proclamation that I may have found the person with whom I’ll spend the rest of my days, a humanly perfect being. If our connection remains a mystery to others, as long as we understand the depth, that is more than sufficient.

Always love with passion, intensity, and wisdom.

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About the Contributor
Carla Gradiz
Carla Gradiz, Associate Editor
Carla Gradiz is a sophomore at Mercy University; she is an international student and majors in Journalism with a minor in Psychology. Carla comes from Honduras, Central America. She is passionate about where she comes from and focuses her writing on real issues her community faces and the issues she has to face as an international student. With much curiosity, Carla likes to explore different cultures, loves traveling to meet new people, and wants to impact the world positively. She believes writing is a powerful form of expression and a way to leave her mark. Carla writes a column titled You Can't Handle It,  in which she bravely shares real-life experiences, addresses critical issues, and raises awareness about topics she believes deserve more attention. She's passionate about using her writing to shed light on these issues. She can be reached at [email protected].

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