I Want To Write A Poem


I Want To Write A Poem


I want to write a poem that will make you smile.

Flirt with your mind, twinkle your eyes.

Play with your head, make you recline.

Now mentally please visualize.

My poetry is the bare essence of my soul.

Read my pages, listen to my flow.

Catch my phrases, watch my glow.

Mr. Paige is the star of this show.

I want to write a poem that will beat your heart

Really really fast, like you’re scared of the dark.

Give you sensational ovations from the start.

Tickle your elmo and Jordin your Sparks.

I want to write a poem that will complement your curves.

And turn your pages until I run out of words.

Let me outline the thesis of these poetic terms.

I will prefix my dictionary inside your proper verb.

I will pluralize your predicates, crease away impediments.

Upper case my element and comma splice your sentences.

No more interactions with abbreviated synonyms.

Subject yourself to a Superman – no Eminem.