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    Kelly SiscoJan 21, 2013 at 9:10 am

    Hi Larry,
    I see that you were thinking hard about the new year and how you wanted to improve your life. I have been thinking about that too myself as well. Every time a new year starts most people look back on the past year and say they “Shoulda, Coulda Woulda” have done more or did things differently. For the month of January mostly people give it their all to make this change but as the months and years progress most people fall back into their old ways and then when that year ends most people beat up on themselves all over again and the cycle continues. I wonder why this is so much but I guess it’s just a part of being human and making mistakes. Life is not easy and as college students we are just figuring ourselves out, especially if you are going to college and you are in your 20′s. But young or older everyone goes through periods of time when they do not feel like they have given their best but life moves forward if you are ready to move with it or not. People can only do the best they can with what they are given and New Years Resolution’s put too much pressure on ourself because we all know that we will have a hard time keeping everything we set out to keep. But it is good to think about the things we have to change in our lives and to try and become the best people that we can possible become! For me I joined the New York Sports Club and have been attending their classes three times a week to stay healthy and because they are just simply fun and bring joy to my life. You talked about loosing weight and that is a main resolution that most people make each new year but have a hard time keeping and that is also why the gyms are very crowd in the months of January and February and then not as crowd as the year moves on because people could not keep their resolution mainly because everything else in life got in the way. Larry, you also talked about true love and for me now I have real love from my parents and family currently but not from a boyfriend because I never found that someone who has given me that true real love. I have male friends who care about me but that is different and you are not alone Larry. This piece showed me that I am not alone in much of the ways that I feel and think and also in how I live my life. We as humans are more similar to each other then we even realize and have many of the same thoughts believe it or not.
    Happy and Healthy 2013 !! – Kelly Sisco

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