The Man Of My Dreams..

The Man Of My Dreams..

Shalekiah Barton, Staff Writer

I think ive met the man of my dreams.

First question I asked myself was, what took him so long?

Then I remembered, timing is everything.

My mother always told me that, people are placed in your life at different times for different reasons.

Sometimes when you want something, it may not be the right time for you to have it.

Either you aren’t mentally prepared or emotionally unavailable.

I almost had given up on my dream of finding, Mr. Right.

Then..He appeared.

6’3, caramel skinned, brown eyed, God.

I know the bible said, we are all made in the image and likeness of God, but dang.

They must have been referring to him.

After watching countless romantic comedies and Disney princess flicks, I finally have a true fairy tale of my own.

Its not hard to get men, especially these day but it is difficult to find the right man.

There are many frogs pretending to have a kingdoms out here but this man is truly a king.

The first time we met, i got flustered which never happens.

I am normally the most talkative and outgoing person in the world, but something was different.

I was leaving a talent show and he was walking to his car.

He noticed me, because we actually were friends on social media and i had no clue.

He opened his mouth and said his name and all I could hear were the angels.

The angels of heaven came down and sang, “hallelujah”, over and over in my ears.

His smile was the icing on the cake, when he looked into my eyes, I could feel my knees trembling.

I stared at his eyes then to his luscious, pink, lips.

He was well dressed and I could smell his cologne from a far.

Everything i had ever wanted, was staring back at me.

I loved the fact that he was a gentleman, and held the door for me.
I was impressed that he didnt spit the same “Yo, ma”, or “Did it hurt, when you fell from heaven” lines that guys so often love to annoy me with.

Its alright for a guy to be confident, but be humble and let your confidence show in a respectful way.

He did that, not to mention he was easy on the eyes.

I appreciate that he didn’t have on a graphic tee and Jordan, i could see he wasn’t a regular guy.

I love to see men, get dressed up.

You cant get into art galleries and wine tastings with sneakers on.

I like balance.
Someone who is able to “Turn up”, which means have fun to the max.
But a guy who also knows how to be professional, in a different setting.

My dream guy is all that and more.

He is respectful and kind but also knows how to get rowdy if he needs too.

He makes me feel like I am a kid again.

I find myself doodling on my notebooks and day dreaming about him in class.

I smile when i think of the laughs we share and it may be childish but i still get butterflies when I hear his voice.

He is everything that I thought the world didn’t have.

Most guys ive met, always ended up disappointing me.

They would either be attractive or smart.

Sweet or a complete jerk.

And most of all, I couldn’t stand the men who had mommy issues.

The guys who don’t have good relationships with their mother’s are usually the worst guys to date.

I have always noticed that if they don’t treat their mother right, they cant treat their woman right either.

Its not a coincidence, its simply because if you do not know better, you cant do better.

Well, my guy knows better.

He is caring, helpful and treats me like a goddess.

We share deep conversations and can talk about anything from politics to entertainment.

I remember the first night we spoke on the phone, it was for four hours.

I knew I really liked him because I would never waste my phone bill for any guy.

AT&T is not cheap.

I think I most of all love the fact that we are both musically inclined.

He shares the same passion for music as I do and he makes me more creative.

The day we first hung out, i went home and wrote about two songs, because I felt inspired.

It is important to be motivated in a relationship.

If your mate does not inspire you to be better,you should not be with them.

It is imperative for someone to make you feel like you should do better, reach new heights and see life in new ways.

He says, i am a positive influence on him and truly I feel the same.

I have never felt such a deep connection with someone, it almost scares me.

I feel like we are mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally yoked.

If it ends up not working out for whatever reason, i wouldn’t be sad or mad.

It is a blessing, just knowing him.

He is truly a beautiful surprise.

I never imagined a man like him existed and apart of me is still in shock.

However, i do not want to be one those females who ruin a good thing, because they think its too good to be true.

I want to mold and shape a beautiful future for the both of us and enjoy the journey together.

A dream guy is not going to just knock at your door ladies, make sure that you are right with yourself.

You cant love someone else, if you don’t love yourself.

Self worth and self understanding is important when it comes to relationships.

I knew what i deserved and i wasn’t going to have anything or anyone less than what i wanted.

Yes, temptation is hard.

Once women get to a certain age, we tend to feel like we should settle if we don’t have exactly what we’ve been looking for, but that is not the answer.

It all may sound crazy, to some people but everything happens for a reason.
Do not, give up hope.

Your Mr. Right and Mrs right are out there and you will find them when you need to.

Ecclesiastes 3 verse 4, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”.

I am happy that ive found my heaven, on earth.