Fear of Success? Part 2


So what are the steps? Is there anything I can do to rise above what’s holding me back? After writing Fear of Success, I started the journey of simply living in the moment or to what social media and author Neville Goddard refers to as, living in the end.

The idea behind it is to bask at the moment to which you have everything you desire. Truth be told it is a manifestation technique.

How I stumbled on this was purely by accident; An accident that has changed my thought process for the good. Sure, I still have moments where self-doubt clouds my mind, but once I lose myself to my imagination, all is good.

I know it sounds crazy. What possible good could come out of living in your imagination? In my head, in my imagination, who I am as a person does not reflect on the outside. Ideally, I am a confident woman who can achieve success in all the fields I pursue. As I wrote in Fear of Success, I am terrified of what others think of me.

Even with living in the end, I still experience conflicting thoughts. That is where affirming comes in. With every negative thought, I replace it with a positive one. I keep doing this until the negative becomes less and less.

It’s not the easiest thing, but it helps me.

I will say though I do prefer saying affirmations. My affirmations revolve around my self-concept. Because at the end of the day, I feel I need to work on myself to attract the things I want. That’s not the case with others but that just shows how manifesting can be used by anyone regardless of their belief.

That’s what I’ve been doing since writing the previous piece. Have things changed for me? Am I still afraid of success?

In the past week, internship opportunities have been brought to the forefront to my surprise. I started late in my internship search and found myself being swallowed whole by the thoughts of never getting an internship that would hold me back from graduating.

But with a mindset change, which wasn’t easy at all, I continued affirming that I have an internship for the spring term. Then the internships started flying in.

This nervousness I was experiencing became nonexistent once the realization dawned on me. I manifested them.

The type of internships open was at companies that I would normally be hesitant to apply to. Seeing their well-known names would cast doubt onto me as I would find myself unworthy of being hired.

Call it low self-esteem, but I used to limit myself to potential opportunities.

Not this time around. Instead of falling into the same cycle, I am allowing myself to see it through, even if it means being hit with rejection. I can at least say I tried.

Am I afraid of success? No, not anymore. I can’t be if I want to make it in this competitive world. As of recent, my favorite affirmation is, isn’t it wonderful how successful I am?

I have to say a big thank you to the YouTuber and manifestation coach Sammy Ingram. She was able to introduce me to the law of assumption – a simpler, from my experience, form of manifesting.

Call me oblivious, but I feel in recent years, manifesting has become mainstream to the point where going on social media and not seeing anything manifest-related is impossible. Maybe it’s just my social media feeds.

But regardless, I’m thankful to have stumbled upon this, and I can’t wait to see where it brings me.