‘KameWick’ Doing Its Best Work Right On Campus

By Vinny Roszkowski

Since the 10th grade, Keith Hurtt and Chuck Bucci knew that they wanted to start a career together in the music industry.

The dynamic duo that goes by the name of KameWick brings the world of hip-hop beats, digital and real instruments together. What makes things interesting is some key beats and recording sessions are not even recorded in a professional studio. Some of their best work is made all in a Mercy dorm room.

However, being students at Mercy College, they have been taking advantage of the White Plains campus laying down beats and recording some key notes in the studio that they are given.

Now how did it all start?

“My friend Mark came up to me and said, ‘You need to rap with Chuck; he’s got some crazy beats,’” Hurtt says.

He was given a demo with a dozen or so beats to listen to, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Bucci, a sophomore at Mercy College, has been a musician since his early childhood, but has been working in digital music since early high school and has made a living from working with numerous friends recording and making a name for himself. Some of his influences are DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and Just Blaze.

Not only does Bucci produce and make the beats, but he also makes some appearances on some songs, as he says, “dropping a few lines here and there.” Also, Bucci is also working on a solo project on the side, looking for singers to collaborate with. Mercy freshman Zoe Clemons is already included on this side project.

“Although hip-hop is a hobby of mine, this is somewhat more music from the heart: a blend of soul, funk, rock, and more,” says Bucci.

Hurtt, a freshman who transferred to Mercy College this semester, has been working with Bucci since high school, collaborating and expanding his own musical inquiries. However, rapping is not the only thing in Hurtt’s future. He has been working on his solo masterpiece, combining his love for singing and hip-hop, as he would describe it, in the spirit of Lauryn Hill, “one of my biggest inspirations.“

Keith has been singing/performing his entire life, and recently began working with a fellow Westfield rapper/skateboarder by the name of Josh “Scrub” Ettinger.

“I would love to expand my creativity and work on more R&B-esque tracks,” says Hurtt, as he is taking MTEC classes in White Plains to learn mastering and professional sounding recording engineering. Together Bucci, Hurtt and Ettinger are starting a hip hop collective called “Grime Soul.” Ettinger has currently put money into copyrighting the name Grime Soul, and a website to go with it. This trio will not only promote music, but also videos, skateboarding, and anything else to gather fans.

For those who would like to check out the talented Kamewick, check out websites www.reverbnation.com/itskmyadig or reverbntion.com/chazwick. Eventually, one of these two websites will redirect you to the Grime Soul website.

“Coast to Coast Records is keeping up with me, Ettinger, and Hurtt and is trying to get our songs on their website’s mixtape with other various underground artists,” claims Bucci.

The boys are working on a EP which right now is still a “self titled” CD in the making.

“We have four tracks done and two old tracks we would like to re-record,” according to Bucci “Look for it to drop in December.”