Would you Like to be President for a Day?

By Pamela Cobbs

Mercy College is hosting a fund raiser titled “The Big Switch,” where students can purchase a raffle ticket and win the opportunity to switch places with the President of Mercy College Dr. Kimberley Cline.

all proceeds will be going to the Mercy College Annual Fund which supports scholarships for Mercy College students.

Ralfston Meek, a freshman at Mercy College likes the idea of being able to spend the day as President.

“I would interact with as many students as possible to find out about their classes and professors to see whether they are going well or not and I would address other issues outside the classroom such as the lunchroom, smoking areas, and cleanliness of the hallways.”

Cline will also be attending classes the student has on the day that the Big Switch takes place.

Alysia Jones, a senior at Mercy College, was excited to know that the president would be sitting in for her if she won the raffle.

“It will be cool for the president to sit in my classes and take notes for me while I am sitting in her office doing her work.”

Although the student that wins the raffle will not be making any big decisions, the student will hopefully establish strong communication between students and administration, all while realizing the purpose of the raffle is for a good cause.

“The student will get to enjoy the amenities, secretaries, and free lunch that the President gets to enjoy daily,” says alumni and former school president Marques Payne.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1 during common hours every Tuesday at all Mercy College Campuses until March 5th. The drawing will be take place on March 8.