IPHONE; Steve jobs last invention by: Magaritta Acheampong

The Iphone 4gs comes out on the 14th of October 2011. Apple always has a way of upgrading to get their money from people in this great economic crises but who cares people are going to buy it no matter what you think. Ive seen the iphone 4gs n I have compared it with the regular iphone 4g, it basically the same phone the only difference is that the upgrade has an inbuilt software called “siri’’ which is an inbuilt voice command software which operated by the phone owners, voice pretty cool on technology. This is extremely going to make people lazier to even hold their phones for example and make college student life way easier. U can talk to text and call names to call pretty cool. It also has Hd video camera recording. Ridiculous in my point of view if I holding the regular iphone 4 and another person holding the 4gs you wouldn’t even know the difference because both phone have the same size, color and texture. The processor is faster, free texting between iphone users, and long battery power. Almost all the same qualities and capabilities the regular iphone 4 does. To me it’s a good invention and a perfect upgrade for lazy people and people who have the money to waste. Apple always finds a way to make their money. Good job Steve jobs your last invention is outstanding!