ista Summerville Blog #1: Celebrities Have an Impact On Our Youth

Being in the media’s eye your every move is being watched, photographed,  or talked about. Celebrities should realize how much of an impact they  have on our youth’s life. By some of their actions it seems like they  could care less that young children are watching their every move.  Everything they do or say comes into a count. Yes, they are human and  they make mistakes, but this is their job so they have to be even more  cautious.

Whether they realize it or not children look up to  them. From a Pro basketball star to a Grammy Award winning singer to an  actor/actress. Children think everything celebrities do is good because  they are rich and famous.

However celebrities dress kids are  going to mimic and buy the clothing they are wearing. Any slang they use  kids are going to start making it apart of their vocabulary. So when  celebrities get D.W.I. (Driving While Intoxicated) tickets, go to jail,  do drugs, or get married or divorced 2x a year does not set a good  example on our youth.

I’m not trying to blame all celebrities  actions on why our youth act the way they do. It is partially their  parents fault as well. But it seems that kids tend to listen and pay  more attention to what they see on t.v. or hear on the radio then their  own parents