Vinny Roszkowski Blog #1: Well I guess this is growing up

There aren’t many times you can say to other people that you have  traveled more than 6 hours to see your favorite band perform. Well  actually for myself I can now say that. This past weekend included a  six-hour road trip that could have lasted only two hours. The reason  behind the six-hour drive was for my favorite band blink 182.  They have  been headlining the Honda Civic Tour with friends My Chemical Romance  and have been switching off between Rancid and Matt and Kim.  The  concert was at the Saratoga Arts Performing Center, which had an  interesting setup that Iv never seen before. I felt like I was in a half  inside half outside venue. The funny thing is you may say I’m even  crazier for driving six hours when I have seen the same show twice over  the summer. But that’s what I call dedication. When arriving to the  venue we had missed Matt and Kim’s performance. My Chemical Romance had  an interesting set list because the other two times I saw them they had a  similar set list however this set list consisted of a song or two extra  that I knew off their last cd “The Black Parade”, which a lot of people  hated but I enjoyed. They seemed to split up the set pretty even by  having a mix of really old My Chem and then newer My Chem, which any fan  loves.  However I was there to hear and see the dirty jokes,  entertaining, and fun Blink 182.  Unfortunately the set list was the  same from the last two performances, but luckily the jokes were fresh  and just made you feel like you were a kid again from the 90’s. Overall  the concert was one to remember and would I do it again? Except make it  in two hours not six..HELL YEAH!