Now Where Have I Heard That Before?

Now Where Have I Heard That Before?

College students all over the world always seem to find extremely corny but yet quotable and outrageous Internet sensation videos throughout their time spent in their college careers. Videos from past television shows, stand up comedy, or just average everyday people doing ridiculous acts seems to always be a hit during college students every day lives.

Youtube has blown up over the years with constant hits such as the recently populated Sh*t (fill in the blank) say videos all over Facebook. Meaning the videos are mainly about what certain “types of people” like to say or do during their extremely awesome yet awkward days.

Last week I stumbled upon two viewed videos that stuck out like a sore thumb from the other weekly updated videos. Why you ask? Well its pretty simple, to describe the first one, “Sh*t college freshman say” comes from living in a small college with many young Freshman, with me myself being a Junior, freshman newbies I am constantly hearing “outrageous” but yet funny thoughts come from their dumbfounded heads all the time haha.

The video starts out with simple mindless thoughts such as “Why would I pay twelve bucks for this type of beer when I can pay nine and get thirty natty lights” which for those who don’t really take part in one of Americas new past time, “drinking to be cool”, comparing a beer such as Blue Moon to Natural light (natty lights) is like comparing a quality dinner beer to a flat soda at a late night homeless buffet. These freshmen also get those “pesky” but yet “mind blowing” type of statements with “Free condoms? Better stack up.”  And my personal favorite “I got hammered, annihilated last night, both two handles to myself.”

Overall review it’s a 9/10 due to the fact that not only do they directly quote on how some freshman say it to others, but also mocks on the way they say these things with a twist that makes it funny but ironically true. However the only problem is being here at mercy for about a little under three years, iv heard half or even more of the “sh*t college freshman say” type statements all over the dorms including sophomores, juniors, and even seniors sometimes.

 The second video that I was amazed by is the “Sh*t hungover say.” Growing up with many close friends from home and a few at school that are the funniest yet dramatic hung-over girls make them even better friends after seeing this video. The classic “ I tweeted over 100 times last night and can only remember three of them” to the line even us guys use to be left alone by the nagging parents, “Mom im not hungover, im just tired.”  Now many girls may argue say the obvious defense statement “ That’s not me.!!” And then il have those friends back home and say “OMG THAT’S ME TO A T.” meaning that’s the story of my life.

 Overall review it gets 9/10 as well due to the fact on how its funny on how accurate this thoughts of hung-over girls are, its also a stab at guys knowing from experience yelling at the family dog to shut up because I had plenty to drink last night, as well as having the mother yell at you for getting two drunk and replying with as mentioned before, “I’m not hung-over my I just didn’t get enough sleep.”

Both videos can be seen here    – “Sh*t Hungover Girls Say”  – “Sh*t College Freshman Say”

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