It has been a solid week since The Walking Dead  has ended…and its pretty unfortunate. Each and every Sunday, million of viewers including myself tuned in at nine-o’clock to gaze and express their views and opinions about the zombie infested show.

Last Sunday was the season finale, and it couldn’t have ended any better than it did. Starting off with a mind blowing introduction of learning how the swarm of zombies followed a mysterious helicopter to the farmland and traveled towards the campsite after ironically hearing the shot heard around the farm. If some of you are not familiar with the shot heard around the farm and did not tune into last weeks episode, then I suggest you seriously catch up.

Having said that, this leads up to group leader Rick, and his questionably stupid son Carl walking away from the mob of infested zombies that were headed towards the farm.

After many awesome, jaw dropping, headshots and drive by shooting skills portrayed by the popular Glenn, and strong hearted Hershler, Rick makes the executive decision to burn the barn down to terminate a load of zombies, the crew later escapes and heads back to the highway after being separated for a while.

The biggest shock/question of the show came half way through the episode when we see Andrea, who was left to survive by herself make an impressive surviving round of zombies, only to later get saved by an unexplainable savior in a hooded cape, that has two armless zombies chained to her side. Wonder what’s that about? I mean you don’t see a hooded, unknown, grim reaper, look alike with two armless zombies every day.

So somebody has to die right?

Well I was personally expecting more a shocking death from a bigger character with this being the season finale to continue the “Lets kill a main character” parade. However, the two characters that did happen to get shredded to pieces by the zombies did die in an unfortunate but EXTREMELY awesome ways.

Jimmy, who is the son of Hershler, was demolished by a gang of zombies when attempting to save Rick and Carl after setting the barn on fire to eliminate as many zombies as possible. Patricia, who wasn’t as known on the show, was running away with the group of girls but could not escape the outnumbering of flesh eating zombies.

What to expect out of season 3!

The finale ends with Rick gathering the group at a camp site, and explains if he is to survive they need to relocate, and if he is the only one to relocate then so be it.  But where is he going to go?? Well a first the unexplained site that is shown the very last ten seconds of the show, looks to be the location to where the crew will be headed next.

However, yes there is a however, if you watched the talk show Talking Dead after the season finale u now know that…SPOILER ALERT, the “mysterious place” is an abandoned prison site as well as that the “secret” savior that came to the rescue of Andrea be a black woman.

Season three is going to be extremely stunning and inexplicable to the max with new characters to be introduced, as well as new plots and twists that are expected to be developed inside the prison.