The Walking Dead..So Far

The Walking Dead..So Far

The walking dead is in the second half of the second season and so far, it is pretty awesome.

Season two ended in November with a big shock. After spending countless days searching for little Sophia and many friendships being put to the test, the season finale results shocked many fans of the show when it was revealed that sweet little Sophia was locked up in Hershel’s barn as a zombie the entire time.

The continuation of season 2 which started up again in February started off with Hershel wanting the crew to leave his farm house after the corruption and disturbance they have caused since being on the farm, however after leaving the farm due to stress and anxiety, Hershel himself became the run away and escaped to the bar to be left alone for good.

After finding Hershel, Rick, and Glenn run into trouble with two men that want to find shelter and attempt to compromise to allowing them to live on the farm with the crew, except Rick doesn’t feel that is acceptable which leads to a shootout killing both men.

After the smoke is clear, Rick, Hershel, and Glenn find a boy who was left behind by the group that attempted to shoot at Rick and Glenn after being told that their friends who paid a visit to the bar had been shot, and decide to drag him around under the condition that he is unaware of his surroundings.

Shane in this half of the season has a lot of tricks up his sleeves and is deceived as the cancer of the group on behalf that he is always attempting to mentally convince that the baby that Lori is carrying is his. Rick on the other hand wont allow it and lead to a pretty short but drawn out brawl.

The boy that was taken from the bar has now been taken back to the barn to be questioned and may lead to some serious issues with the other members of the crew.

The season has three episodes left, and still has many questions to be answered. Full season review will be presented after the season finally on March 18th.