Pete Davidson Ruined Stand-Up for Me

I went to my first stand-up comedy show and ended up getting yelled at by no one other than, Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson has been in the news a lot lately and not for good reasons, between his break-up with his very famous fiance, Ariana Grande… to now, yelling at a bunch of college students.

Davidson started the beginning of his new comedy tour at the University of Central Florida and I happened to be there.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t what I was expecting.

My best friend and I were super bored during my visit to Florida to see her and she mentioned Pete was coming to perform at her school. Knowing it would most likely end in a temper tantrum, of course, I went.

An hour and thirty dollars later we made our way to the stadium and took our seats.

The night started out great, the two first opening acts were hilarious. I could barely catch my breath when Ricky Velez started cracking jokes left and right. Not to mention, he’s also a looker. Ricky, if you ever see this… hit me up for an interview.

Everyone was waiting for the most famous comedian to step on stage, Pete Davidson. Whether or not you like him, you kinda have to feel bad for him because of everything he’s dealt with in the past year.

Listen, it’s difficult having a whole album written about you and your fiance leaving you for her dead ex-boyfriend but hey, I guess that’s what happens when you’re Davidson.

He started out his set very awkwardly, talking about pedophilia and other morbid things but I knew that’s how his shows are. He is into very, very, VERY dark humor.

The stadium didn’t have near as much laughter as Ricky’s set did but Davidson went with it and continued on.

Davidson made multiple other uncomfortable jokes and anyone could feel the awkwardness in the arena.

Then the show came to a pause, Davidson’s manager saw a student on their phone. Whether or not they were recording, here is how it played out.

Pete started having a tantrum on stage and told all the students, including me, in the arena we were “retarded” and that we needed to “grow up” due to the use of cellphones.

Pete this is 2019, what do you expect from college kids? Stop acting like phones are an invention that you have never used yourself.

Just to mention as well – it wasn’t stated anywhere, not on the tickets or on the flyers that phone usage was prohibited. I, later on, learned it’s a rule for comedy shows that you aren’t allowed to use your phones but come on, did he really expect a bunch of 18 to 21-year-olds to know that?

He continued on by saying, “Look I don’t have to be here, I can give the school their money back and leave.” His actions and his words astonished everyone in the arena.

Not only were the offensive jokes a lot, but it was also just inappropriate how he handled the whole situation.

Davidson continued the show; it was awkward, very awkward. As the comedian was making jokes it was almost like you could hear a pin drop after every joke.

No one was laughing, everyone was squirming in their seats as he made a horrible 9/11 joke, and it was just not the night anyone expected.

Once again, he stopped his set and said “Can we all grow up? Like get over what I said and let’s continue on.” Basically, he was upset that no one was laughing at his jokes.

Laughter then filled the room, but it wasn’t laughter out of enjoyment, it was laughter out of feeling threatened by Davidson and his words. I felt like if I didn’t laugh, I’d have to sit through another one of his temper tantrums.

Finally, the horrendous show ended and Pete finally shut his mouth but, before he left he did a quick question and answer with the audience because “we were cool and he felt bad.”

Before anyone could even ask a question he said, “Don’t ask any stupid questions and we all know what that means.” This was referring to his ex-fiance, Ariana Grande.

It tempted me to raise my hand and ask the stupid question just so I could watch another mental breakdown but I didn’t want to ruin it the rest of the show for anyone.

Davidson left and students shuffled out of the arena, only to take the show to Twitter where Davidson ended up trending that night, and it was hilarious. Yes, I also took part in making fun of Davidson because who wouldn’t?

video was put out that night on Twitter that had the world bashing Pete Davidson and honestly, I couldn’t blame them.