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Alexis Lynch
Alexis Lynch is currently a senior at Mercy College. At Mercy, Alexis is a Media Studies major with a focus in Journalism. She has gained experience that ranges from Editor in Chief of a 20 teamed staff, to being a Social Media Editor for The Impact. The Impact also gave her experience of being an Associate Editor of a newspaper. Alexis' main goal is to work for Madison Square Garden Network as a Social Media Manager, specifically for The New York Rangers.

During her free time, Alexis is found at Madison Square Garden rooting for the New York Rangers, working at her local ice rink, or in her bed watching Netflix and Hulu.

She writes a column called Spilling The Tea. The column will be focused on gossip in her life as well as, the sports industry and the entertainment industry.

She can be reached at [email protected]


Alexis Lynch, Managing Editor

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