The Worst to Best Siesta Key Cast


With the current pandemic going on everyone has had time to watch new shows that they normally wouldn’t watch. As of recently, I really got into Siesta Key which airs on MTV. It started with short YouTube clips and then ended up with me watching all three seasons in just a few short weeks.

The cast is interesting and I definitely do feel some type of way about each and every one of them but here’s the worst to best characters in my opinion.

10. Alex Kompo (Worst)

Let’s talk about the biggest player on the key, Alex Kompo. He never understands a good thing when he has it and he cheats on Juliette multiple times throughout the show but somehow, gets away with it because of his money. Everyone stays mad at him for a few days but as soon as he takes out his multi-million dollar boat everyone forgives him and leaves Juliette in the dust. He is truly one of the worst humans I’ve ever seen. Alex only cares about himself and no one else but he got what he deserved when he got his new girlfriend Alyssa pregnant. Alex has since been cut from the show due to his problematic behavior of racial slurs and other things along those lines.

9. Pauly Paul

Alex’s cousin, Paul, is an absolute mess throughout the show and he still is up until this day. On the show, we watch Pauly get arrested multiple times, take advantage of his sweet grandmother, makes fat jokes towards Chloe, and treat Juliette like crap by yelling in her face multiple times about a relationship that he isn’t even involved in. It’s absolutely disgusting, but what puts him underneath Alex is that in one episode I did feel bad for him. Pauly is pursuing a rap career and he went to perform one night and the mic wasn’t working, he was so embarrassed and I couldn’t imagine feeling the way he did.

8. Brandon Gomes (BG)

There are no words for Brandon but what placed him at number 8 and not higher is the fact that I do have a tiny bit of a soft spot for him. The moment he cheated on Madisson I swore him off, sure he was “drunk” but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he was in a six-month relationship with someone he claimed to “love.” Aside from this reason, I have no issues other issues with him but once a cheater always a cheater.

7. Madisson Hausburg

A lot of people will hate me for this one but she belongs in this spot. Maddison is one of the most annoying girls on this show and I really cannot stand her. Not only does she stay best friends with her ex-boyfriend Alex Kompo after he hurts Juliette who is her “friend” but she is a homie hopper. This means she jumps from guy to guy like no other person I’ve seen before. After she broke up with Brandon, she brought along Ben, then she gets back with Brandon, then ends up with her ex-producer Ish who is 20 years older than her. It blows my mind.

6. Chloe Trautman

Chloe is the epitome of a bad friend but I love her because she brings drama to the show. Chloe is the girl who you cannot trust with secrets regardless of how close you are. Not only does she disobey everyone but she was in love with Alex as well. I truly don’t understand why anyone likes him? Chloe has ruined multiple relationships that she isn’t involved in and causes issues for everyone on the key.

5. Cara Geswelli

At first, I loved Cara. I was obsessed with her and thought she was going to be a good fit for the show. But then I saw her true colors, she ruined Juliette’s weekend for her “graduation” in Miami, went to hang with Alex after Juliette and him broke up even though she was with Garrett, and just talked crap about everyone possible. Cara truly thinks she’s better than everyone else on the key but in all honesty, she’s just like them.

4. Juliette Porter

Oh Juliette, how I love you but also hate you. Juliette is the star of the show, everything revolves around her. She deals with more than any other cast member does. What I will say though is that Juliette asks for what she gets because she constantly goes back to Alex. Juliette looks like a complete idiot as viewers watch Alex cheat on her multiple times but it seems like she is officially out of his trap and moved onto a new man named Sam who I adore. I wish the best for Juliette because after all the mental abuse she’s been through, she deserves it.

3. Kelsey Owens

Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey, I hated you but then I loved you. Kelsey was originally the new girl but slowly turned into the girl all the guys wanted to date even though she was with Garrett. Long story short, she cheated on Garrett with Alex while Alex was with Juliette (no shocker there). Viewers slowly watched Kelsey change into her real self, while I don’t enjoy the fact that she cheats on her boyfriends, I will say she is a great person. She quit her modeling career to stay in Siesta Key to help her mom who has MS. We see Juliette and her makeup and watch her grow and that’s why she is one of my top 3.

2. Garrett Miller (Gbaby)

My favorite boy out of all the ones in this show. Garrett is hands down one of the best guys on Siesta Key, he doesn’t cheat, he is respectful, and he loves the hell out of his girlfriends. So, how come he keeps getting left for Alex? Well, I’ll tell you – money! Garrett is not only one of the successful guys on the show he is also probably the cutest, I will root for Garrett until the end of time.

1. Amanda Miller

First, let me say – Garrett and Amanda are not related but the two Miller’s happen to be my favorites. Amanda is hands down the best girl on this show, she has her issues like when she punched Chloe in the fact but honestly, Chloe deserved it. Amanda keeps it real and that’s what makes her different from everyone else. If someone’s talking about someone else, she shuts it down. If Alex cheats on Juliette, she tells her. She also stands up to Paul multiple times because he is simply an abusive person. Amanda deserves her own show, and that’s the tea.