Stuff That I Suck At

Of course one body is perfect. We all have our own flaws; this is what makes us unique. However, have you ever said to a friend or yourself “Wow, I really suck at stuff!” Well that person is me.

A Youtube video created by Jenna Marbles titled “Stuff I Suck At” shows Jenna talking about her flaws and what she sucks at. It is very funny and the reason why I am writing the stuff that I suck at.

Now I am not going to talk about my flaws as a drama queen. Knowing that you have a flaw and you are willing to laugh about it is the best thing a person can do. My flaws are what make me who I am so I will be doing what I do best: making fun of how much I suck at stuff. Something that is a negative I will make it a positive. So which out further a due these are some stuff that I suck at. Enjoy.

First of all, I like sports. I enjoy watching sports, but put me on the field I forget every rule, every play, everything a player needs to know about that game. It just goes in one ear and out the other. Now I was on a volleyball team in high school and I didn’t get to play a lot because when I got on the court I would get nervous when the ball was traveling in my direction. I was a bad player also because I would stand too close to other players when they were playing. I guess I would forget where my spot on the court.

I think the sport that I will never understand either watching it or playing is baseball. I played baseball in my high school gym once and I was okay batting, but when I was on defense I sucked at catching the ball. Better yet the gym teacher would usually make me stand in the outfield just in case the ball was hit that far. After the fifth ball landed in the outfield I was winded and the gym teacher moved me in field.

Second, I am really bad at maintaining my hair. Yes I wash it daily, but because I have frizzy and straight hair it puffs out and it takes forever to get it leveled. I usually put it up in a bun or in a pony tail. Furthermore, when I take my hair tie out my hair is stuck in an upward position, and parts of my hair fall out. Also when I get it cut I as for an inch or two off, if I ask for anything more than that measurement my hair will be impossible to handle.

Third, I suck at makeup. Not that I can’t put makeup on my face at all, I just put mascara and eye shadow on when there is an occasion. I usually go my day without eye shadow or any kind of makeup. Shocker? I don’t think so. I’ll put makeup on when I’m older and need it. What I mean is I don’t put makeup on so I don’t know which color is right for me.

Fourth, I suck at math. When I say this I mean I never fully understood how to count money. Like, it takes me awhile to figure out the amount of change I need to give someone. When I worked as a cashier I was happy that the computer did the calculations for me. Also I am bad at percentages. When it comes to sales, 25 percent off, 30 percent off, I look at the price tag and hope that the store did the math for me. Even at restaurants, but I figured out a quick way to determining a tip for a restaurant check, just double the tax.

Finally, I used to and still suck at spelling. When I write notes in class there is always a word(s) that I have trouble spelling. Either I miss a letter, add a letter or completely butcher the word. But thanks to spell check I can see what I misspelled. If you are reading this right now and can understand me it is a miracle.
So now that you know some of the stuff I suck at what are your flaws? Maybe they are as funny as mine.