People Kill People

People Kill People

In my last blog “An Elementary Nightmare” I talked about opinion on gun control. I do believe people should have a background check when purchasing any kind of gun, however I don’t think America will band guns. Simply because of the second amendment.

In the days following the Sandy Hook School shooting most news channels are focusing on the problem with our gun policy. I do agree this is a very important problem, but guns do not kill. People kill other people.

As I do more research on this tragedy and on past mass shootings one thing stands out the most: the person who pulls the trigger most likely has emotional issues, mental illnesses, and/or have been bullied most of their lives. Now, I am not saying people who have experienced bullying, or who have mental issues will peruse in deadly shootings.

What I mean is we need to be more cooperative and be more open to people with disorders. Adam Lanza, a child with Asperger’s Syndrome who had emotional problem. As a student at Sandy Hook he was getting sent home because he could not behave. I don’t know if he was sent to the school’s councilor but I think all students with or without mental problems should visit their schools’ councilor. They should be comfortable to tell them anything. Now I am not going to get to deep into Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza but I know she was a substitute teacher at Sandy Hook and used to take Lanza to a shooting range. Now why would someone take a child suffering with emotional problems to a shooting range. Now I do not know if she taught him how to shot a gun, but that is not the point.

The point is no child is born with hate or with the thought to kill. Children only want to be loved and respected. Now who am I to say how a mother should raise their child. I think our society is ignorant when it comes to children who have emotional issues or mental disorders. We in general have a saying for people who struggle with depression or suicidal thoughts and that saying is, “What is wrong with these people?”

Yet most of us do absolutely nothing to help these people come out of their depression.

Our country should sit down with someone who is going through hard times. Whether it’s dealing with bullying, not being appropriated at home because they have social problems, or in this case the individual is thinking about harming themselves or others.

When it comes to bullying some of our schools say they have no tolerance for bullying, but is that really the case? I identified Columbine High School as a place where 12 students lost their lives because there was a mass shooting that took place. However, after doing research I found out there were two shooters named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harriswas. These students were bullied when they attended high school. They were both bullied so much that they wanted their classmates dead. The teenagers possessed a lot of anger and were potting to kill students and themselves years before the event happened.

I made this blog because our society is more focused on gun control than the person holding the gun.