Spring, Are You Coming? (Winter Takeover)

Spring, Are You Coming? (Winter Takeover)

Spring is said to start March 20th every year. Its already more than half way through April and its still cold and ugly outside. This is the longest winter I can remember. Even though it’s already past March 20th and technically considered Spring this weather feels like winter. Is Spring ever coming?

This weather is definitely bipolar. One minute the sun is shinning it’s rays on us and warming our hearts and then the next minute the wind is blowing us back into that Winter feeling. Im getting tired of having my laundry pile up because I have to wear layers to keep warm. It’s too cold to go to the park and shoot hoops with the guys, too cold to walk across town to your friends house, and too cold to be waiting for the train to class. If you ask me its too cold to do pretty much anything. Nobody wants to travel in this weather. The cold takes the fun away.

I expected to be enjoying the Spring weather by now. It was even hard to enjoy Spring break this year. It was very cold unless you were able to fly to Miami and escape the brutal weather. Spring seems like its taking off this season off while Winter picks up the slack working double overtime. The only reason I know it’s Spring is because it keeps raining. Not to mention it just snowed the other day. Spring weather came around for Friday and Saturday last week but the weather did a total 360 and instantly became cold and windy once again.

Since Winter weather took over Spring, I hope Spring and Summer weather takes away from the cold and nasty weather Winter brings. I can’t deal with another long Winter. I love New York and blessed to experience all four seasons but I can do without Winter. I can really do without Winter. I wake up in great spirits then walk outside and the wind smacks me in the face reminding me today is going to be long and rough. Hard to be motivated when your cold and can’t focus on anything but that.

Spring has to come eventually. Usually I stay inside but this season I’m going to enjoy as much nice weather as I came. I missed wear shorts, shooting hoops, and walking to get where I have to go. I always neglected Spring for Summer but right now Spring is missed a lot. Plus its the first sign of warm weather.