Bring Back Girl Groups

Bring Back Girl Groups

Two days ago, the girl group “Flo” released their debut song, “Cardboard Box”. Today, the song is already at the top of my Spotify On Repeat playlist.

It’s safe to say I’m a little obsessed.

The song is the perfect combination for people who like R&B, stacked harmonies and 90’s esque music.

And okay, I get it. You may be tired of the current renaissance trend happening in music- it seems like every artist these days is digging in the archives of previously done sounds and just remixing them. 

But honestly- if it’s good… I don’t care.

(And the song is very good.)

So when I heard “Cardboard Box,” I knew I had to write this. Because I need them to be the next big thing. Honestly, where did all the girl groups go?

It seems like “the west” is finally jumping back into the music formula that worked so effectively in the past.

(Yes I am lumping America and the UK together because honestly we’re always kind of a hand in hand package)

From Spice Girls to TLC to Destiny’s Child to Fifth Harmony, girl groups were always a hit and loved by the people.

Which is why the drought that we are or *were* experiencing really confused me.

Now, I’m not blind to what is currently going on in music.  I know all the groups are in Korea. South Korea. There are an infinite amount of groups there that could satisfy a person’s girl group hunger. And I understand why they have all the attention.

I mean, Kpop has everything a person “obsessed” with entertainment could want. 

Yes, I know all about it.

Blackpink is my current favorite girl group. I love them. Rosé and Jennie are one of my favorite celebrities right now.

But when I say girl groups, it’s really code for black girl groups. Where did all the black girl groups go? I know times have changed significantly but in the ’90s and early ’00s there was an abundance of groups. 

Quite frankly, I think I deserve to live in an era where there is a dominatinating, unescapable, undeniably talented, all-black (or at least majority) girl group in music. 

Not to be completely biased but there’s just a different aura when it comes to “westernized” groups. A different sort of aura and vibe to them that just isn’t possible under the culture of k-pop.

I don’t mind who’s around now.

Boys World. They’re cute. I like Girlfriends. Something in the Water. (Makhyli Simpson, will be rooting for her.)

Little Mix just lost their dead-weight member and somewhat reinvented themselves so I’m hoping they finally have a big moment that skyrockets them. Although two out of three members are pregnant and apparently they’re going on hiatus so I’m not counting on it.

The importance of girl groups stretches far deeper than me just wanting groups to fangirl over. It goes even deeper than girls dominating in the industry as some sort of girl power move.

For some reason, girl groups don’t survive as long as they used to. Maybe we can chalk it up to western celebrities being inherently selfish. If you look at some of the reasons why so many popular groups broke up, the most popular answer is that one member wanted to go solo. Paired up with the number of dirty secrets that comes out about members never getting along in the first place, it seems like it’s not a good idea to partake in.

But that’s why girl groups are needed. Kpop is so popular because groups are fun to engage in. Young girls and even older, need 

We are way past the debate about the effects of media consumption. Media is inescapable. The least we could do is put good influences on the screen.

As naturally social creatures, we want to see people we look up to and admire interact with other people who we view the same.

That’s why when celebrities meet at award shows or events, it’s a big deal. When Billie Eilish posted a picture of her hugging Olivia Rodgrio it broke the internet. Because people like seeing stars interact, in a positive way.

Bringing back girl groups who positively influence the next generation. It’ll give them people to look up and see themselves.