Tax Season

Tax Season

Hey, it’s tax season!  People have money in their pockets and they are ready to buy and shop for things they want more than things they need.

The looming price rise, that has been forecasted by retailers, even includes discount fashion chains.  This steep cost  effects shoppers at the same time they face substantial rises elsewhere.  The market is aware of this.

The retailers know how to make their money back and they know that people have some money burning holes in their pockets, they will do anything to make money and recover from their previous year. Especially with the super  stores like BestBuy, PC Richardson and many more made a lot out of electronic especially with video games and plasma screens. Because these stores know that this is the right time to increase prices in their stores they know no matter how people think they process are outrageous the customers will still buy it.

Prices on Nike sneakers especially the Nike sneaker brand name Nike Foamposite have had an increase form their regular price from $180 to $220.  But, people haven’t hesitated.  Nike have said the extra $20 was to increase the quality of the sneakers.  Does that mean we have to pay extra more just to ask for quality? Also this is due to the raise in the price of cotton because of it’s rare growth at this time of the year.

There is also an incredible raise in the price at grocery stores.  Food deals are hardly seen. It’s really disturbing.

The last six months have seen sharp increases in the global prices of wheat, maize, sugar and edible oils, with a relatively smaller increase in rice prices.

There is a tax increase counterpoint proposed  which will drive up the price of tax on food, clothing and tobacco.  For every ten percent increase in the price of food and clothing, the price of tobacco is doubled that.

An increase in sales taxes will also drive up the cost of all consumer good and services, as consumers are the ones ultimately paying the tax.  One could argue that this disproportionately effects the poor guy who pays the same sales tax rates as the rich.

Tax season has also increased the prices on gas and energy consumption.

For students, school supplies have got a little more expensive.  So has transportation ticketing.

We don’t tend to really pay attention or notice the price increases on our daily commodities.  We spend a few more bucks here and here.  When it is all said and done, we might only have a little bit of money  left in our pockets.  But hold out and wait for the original prices and daily discounts to return and then we can begin to make some comparisons.

Tax season is here be wise and smart on how you spend!