Stepping Over The Boundaries

Stepping Over The Boundaries

Jose-Ramon Serrano, Impact Staff

What dose the word friendship mean or what dose it mean to many of us?  Some say that the true meaning of friendship is when you consider the other person’s well-being to be as valuable as your own.  Other’s say friendship is that relationship in which two people may share openly and equally with each other. If fact that’s what friendship suppose to be; but everyone has a different meaning of what a friendship is.

When you really look at the word friendship; you can notice that there are different type’s of level’s of friendship. Which are friends, best fiends, and friends with benefits. All of these le20131011-174131vels has it’s own function. Friends is a type of friendship when you there to give an helping hand. Being Best friends with someone is whom you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide. Friends with benefits is a type of friendship in which there are no-strings attached relationship; a friend with has occasional sexual relations, without a commitment or dating arrangement. All of these level of friendship has it’s own benefits.

In all of theses levels of friendship should not step over the boundaries. I myself  experience many friendships in my life in which I had to put the red line. What is the red line? the red line is what I called stepping over the boundaries. In my world it’s not a good thing. I remember the first day I gave a chance to a person that I have met to become my best friend. At that time I did not believe in a best friend. So I gave that her a chance. I did not know where will this best friendship will go and how long it will last. During the time of our best friend relationship we done a lot for each other. After some time I notice the way she was talking to me and the way she was treating in which I did not like it at all. I became to think maybe she’s going throught somethings in her life.

As time go by and days as well; I notice that she continue on talking to me badly and as well treating me badly too. So I had to put the red line down. I did not want to do it, but I had too. An other for her to notice that type of best friend she has. My best friend a good person and have a  nice heart. As for myself I needed for her to notice that cannot talk to me the way she feels and treat me the way she feels like. The red line went down because she was stepping over the boundaries of our friendship.

I had to change that way I was treating her. I did it because I loved her as my best friend and needed her to realize the type of person she has as her best friend. I continue on treating her different until she became aware of it. As I put the red line was in place; it stood there for a few months. Than one day she told me I have change and yes I did change; but not for the bad, but for the good. She told me that I have change a lot and was not to same person that she met on day one. She was ready to step out of the best friend relationship because I was putting her through a lot. Just for the way I was treating her. I did not wanted to lose her as a best friend because of the love I have for her. We started to talk about the way I was tearing her. As we talked; we came with an agreement that if I bring back the old Jose that I will see the change in her. I just need to make sure that she was serious of the change and she were. So I decide to take off the red line and bring back the old Jose back; a heart full of love in helping others.

Stepping over the boundaries can make you lose a really good friend or best friend. There are not many that has a heart full of love and joy. We as human need to learn that type of friends we have and making sure we don’t step over the boundaries of a friend with love.

Stepping over the boundaries lead you being alone down the road.