Sister, Sister – How I Love Three


My sister is five years older than me and I idolized her growing up. I always thought she was the most beautiful human being on this earth.

When I was young, I would always beg our mother to let me hang out with her outside. She hated it, I understand – no teenager wants to drag their little sister to places with them.

She always asked why couldn’t I stay home, and my mother would say “because she’s always home.”

What she didnt know is that I didn’t care to go outside, I just wanted to hang out with my sister. I wanted to go everywhere with my sister, even if I was being annoying. She was my favorite person to be around.

My loyalty runs deep for her, usually older siblings want to protect the younger one, but me, I want to protect her.

If a guy breaks her heart, all bets are off. They can forget about being my friend because now they’re my enemy.

She is special and should be treated as such.

My sister is my best friend, she’s my favorite person to bother. She’s my “almost twin.”

She’s darker, taller and thicker, but we have the same face. People tend to think she’s my mom.

Growing up, when my mother’s health would almost get the best of her, my sister would be there by my side and play the mother role. She’d help me with my homework, make me something to eat and sometimes sleep with me because she knew I was too afraid to sleep by myself.

When some sisters are left with their younger siblings, they feel that they have to take care of them, but my sister wanted to take care of me.

We take care of each other. When you see her, you see me.

She shows me motherly love, even now when she’s a mother herself. The greatest at that.

She advises me like a father. She gives me company whenever I feel alone, just like a friend. She cares for me. She may get on my last nerves (what sister doesn’t?) but I know I can always count on her.

She scolds me when I do something wrong,

She teaches me to do the right things. We teach each other. We’re in our twenties now and still learning about “adult life.” No matter how many times I mess up, she’ll always love me.

She guides me through the right path, and she motivates me during my bad times. I pray for her and her future, I hope it’s everything she wants and more.

I get so angry when I see guys break her heart because I know her worth, but I don’t think she knows it. I wish she would see what I see.

She is beautiful and talented. My sister used to write poetry, don’t ask me why she stopped. That’s probably where I get my writing skills from. She’s an amazing mother, daughter, friend, and sister. She deserves to be a wife, not a booty call.

I can always count on my sister to be right beside me in the good times and the not so good times. A love from a sister is special, and we have a very special bond.

I love my sister to the moon and back.