Resident Assistants are College Students Too

Resident Assistants are College Students Too

Resident assistants are college students too. Some people seem to forget that. They are here to help guide us through our college experience and to help uphold the college’s standards and rules. At Mercy College, there are about 18 Resident Assistants spread out between Hudson Hall, Founder’s Hall and at the hotels.

The Resident Assistant position is a job. Students who want to become one have to apply to the job just like any other job. They have to go through an interview process just like any other job too. Knowing now that this position is a job indicates exactly why being a good Resident Assistant is important to them. They are students who are given the responsibility to assist their resident.

A good resident assistant should share quality characteristics. Having communication skills, problem solving skills, respectful, honest, compassionate, responsible and being a team player,

Two good qualities a resident assistant should have is leadership and communication,” says Matt.

Ana Oliveira Gomes states, “Having an open mind, patience and willing to help is essential for being a great resident assistant. We are here to assist to help. It is in our title.”

Most Resident Assistants at Mercy College actually enjoy their job.

“What I enjoy most about being a resident assistant is making the students’ lives here better. Since resident assistants are so educated on what we offer here at Mercy it is nice to share our knowledge with our residents,” says Ana. Most resident assistants look forward to meeting their residents. The best part about being a resident assistant is meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone.

Matt Carle says, “The best part about being an RA is to meet all different types of people. Usually when you are in school you fall into your cliques, by major, sport, or clubs. Being an RA you get to be around all of the different people that you may not have interacted with on a regular bases.”

Unfortunately, Resident Assistants are sometimes misunderstood. They are usually judged by their title rather than being judged as a person who is just doing their job. The hardest part about being a resident assistant is getting negative responses or attitudes by their peers

Mike Schneider says, “What I dislike about being a resident assistant is the bad reputation we get as resident assistants. Sometimes our residents think that we are dictators. In reality we are here to help everybody.”

The bad reputation that residents get usually start with a bad interaction with one. Some people then label all resident assistants as being annoying or controlling.

Matt Carle says, “The stigma that RAs are out to get you. At the end of the day we are just doing our job. Our job is to enforce the rules and sometimes people do not follow those rules and they take their frustration out on us.”

Being a college student is challenging enough sometimes. Balance is important. One has to juggle being a student, on top of being a resident assistant and also maintaining a social life.

Matt Carle says, “Personally no, I do know of some incidents when an RA has written up a friend, and that can cause an awkward situation. Personally I keep my work life and social life separate. My friends know and they respect it.”

A controversial question is that does being a resident assistant take away from the college experience.

Ana Oliveira Gomes says, “It does and it doesn’t. Sometimes when I am hanging out with my friends it can get interrupted by a resident. Sometimes on weekends when you are on duty you can not do anything or go anywhere. You have to figure out how to balance your social life because you need it to de stress and hang out with your friends.”

Mike Schneider states, “It effects it a positive way that every one knows who I am around campus. Even though some people feel comfortable coming up to me and ask questions or express concerns, others try to avoid me like the plague.”

Being a resident assistant entails multiple responsibilities. During the academic year, resident assistants are expected to assist students by being dependable peer mentors, educators and advisers. A resident assistant is an high standard job position. There is a selection process before becoming a resident assistant. There are four basic steps that will help you achieve your goal for being a resident assistant for Fall 2017.
If you are interested in becoming a resident assistant for fall 2017, you must have the minimum qualifications to apply for the position. Firstly you have to be a full time student who has good character and good academic standing with a GPA minimum of 2.70. By May of 2017, you have to have completed at least 24 credit hours at Mercy College. Being a resident assistant will keep you busy therefore your availability is essential. Prior commitments may conflict with training and scheduled events, but being a resident assistant will become one of your main priorities. You must be a positive representation of the Mercy College and behave in a mature and professional manner.

If you are interested in joining the Mav Team by becoming a resident assistant then you can get an application from residential life and apply. Applications are due Feb. 17, 2017.