Passion For Fashion

Passion For Fashion

A deep dive into the history of gender and sexual conforming within fashion was the topic of the event held by Tom Lentz and Rosemary Garcia. 

   All throughout history fashion has had its trends and style change between men and women to eventually bring the conversation of Gender Conformity to light. Without the challenges that both men and women faced during the early stages of fashion, there isn’t as much of a struggle as there was back then in the world we live in today. All sorts of people find it hard to love and find their own sense of fashion through clothes and following trends. For some, it’s hard to find clothes that could fit without supporting companies and corporations that have child labor.  While others find it easy to follow the trends and find the size they have less luck with.

 Men wore dresses and heels and got mad and insecure when women did the same this was the start of gender conformity as we know it. The term gender conformity is best described as societal norms that society put upon us. the gender you were born in is what you’re seen as. Conformity is the role you play in society and how you act in your everyday life. During the time of World War II, women wore the same attire as men when working in factories. 

A new form was used in the early 2000s was companies selling pride merch and using people in the LGBTQ+ community’s identity against them by claiming that they are involved with the LGBTQ+ community when they are not. it is not fair that companies are benefitting and profiting off from the community when pride is much bigger than a trademark. People in the community are upset and feel that when these companies do this they are lacking the knowledge of what pride is really about. Most of the time companies put a rainbow flag on a t-shirt and call it a day and have noticed that pride merch is quick to go on clearance the second pride month is over.

  Fast fashion most of the time deals with child labor and is made with material that gives you a hole in your clothes in less than a week. Some people don’t know where to buy their clothes when shopping for themselves and their body type, and for others, shopping could be a piece of cake. The trend where skinny girls wearing bigger sizes makes it difficult and a frustrating process for plus-size men and women to find clothes. Thanks to the influence of Tik-Tok and both its negative and positive insight on giving people a way of finding a style to copy instead of helping find a way to make and buy clothes that are beneficial to everyone and their body types.

One way to get around fast fashion is thrifting. Thrifting is a form of shopping for vintage clothes and unique items whether they are dupes or unique. This way of shopping can also be positive with a negative outcome. The positive is turning something old into something new and possibly having something no one else. The negative is having online thrift stores such as Depop, Mercari, and some would even consider Ebay.