My Experience Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine


On March 12, I woke up at 12pm and realized that my appointment is at 2:30pm to take the COVID-19 Vaccine. I got dressed, ate my breakfast, left my house at 2:15pm and drove on the highway. The traffic wasn’t too bad so it didn’t take me that long to get there and it wasn’t too difficult to find parking there. 


I arrived at the New York National Guard Armory located at 2 Quincy Place Yonkers NY, 10701. As I got out of the car, one of the volunteers directed me inside the place where I had to do the COVID-19 Screening Questions. I answered them and then I was directed into the room where I will be taking the vaccine. However, I had to provide them a copy of my CDMS registration ticket, identification, proof of eligibility, and a printed confirmation that I completed the NYS Vaccine Form so I don’t need to fill it out again at the vaccine site. The lady that works there told me to walk over to tent 11 where I will take the vaccine.


I had a male doctor who was super nice to me and he also pointed out that my name is an African name which is accurate. He also asked me where I’m from and I said that I’m from Elmsford, New York, then told him that my mom is from Gambia and my dad is from Senegal. He was very intrigued by my family’s roots which he mentioned that he’s from Nigeria. It felt great having a decent conversation with the doctor because it put me in a better mood than how I was feeling before my appointment because you don’t know what to expect.


Once he took the needle out, I tried not to look at it because I hate needles, I never liked taking shots when I was young because I would cry and move around a lot so the doctor wouldn’t inject the needle. However, as I got older I had to face my fear and not be so afraid of needles. They informed me that I will feel a slight pinch on my arm which he wasn’t lying because I felt it being injected which kinda hurt but once he took out the needle it felt like a relief, a load off my shoulder. 

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After that was done the doctor gave me the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card for me to keep when I come back to take the second dose which they already scheduled another appointment for. However, the doctor told me to sit and wait in the chair for fifteen minutes to see for any rare allergic reactions. As I sat in the chair, I realized that there were a lot of older people that just took the vaccine and were sitting in the chairs waiting because they are more prone to catching the Coronavirus and they don’t want to risk it.

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My fifteen minutes were up and I didn’t feel any allergic reactions to the vaccine so I was set to leave. On my way home, I felt a little drowsy and had a slight pain on my left arm which was definitely normal, so I didn’t stress myself out too much. However, at 9pm my arm was in so much pain it literally felt like I got punched real hard with a gigantic fist. I asked my mom what’s the safest painkiller to take. She said “Take tylenol, it’s safe to take because now they allow people to take it after getting the COVID Vaccine.” Before people weren’t allowed to take the tylenol due to the symptoms, side effects, and dangers that it could have on your body.

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After I took one tylenol, I felt a little better and wasn’t too tense but I didn’t know how I was gonna sleep that night due to the pain. The next day I woke up with a slight pain on my arm but it wasn’t as tense as the first day. Then the third day came and the pain went away very quickly.

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Overall, my experience taking the COVID-19 Vaccine was easy and pleasant due to the volunteers, workers, and doctors being professional and helpful at the same time which brightened my mood and I wasn’t as nervous. I thank them a lot for taking care of me and treating me with the ultimate respect. I’m excited to take the second vaccine in April because I know that the vaccine is safe and effective where it won’t affect my health. 


Hopefully more people continue to take the COVID Vaccine and others reconsider taking it because it will decrease their chances of catching the coronavirus. 


Things are gonna get better for us, We’ll get through it.