‘Meninist’ Movement Headed in the Wrong Direction

Meninist Movement Headed in the Wrong Direction

With feminine power on the rise, men have taken it upon themselves to fight against the spread of feminism by making a mockery of it with their own movement: meninism.

Apparently, the point of meninism is to fight for men to have the same rights as women.

To us women, that sounds like a great idea. You want men and women to be treated equally? Well, it’s about time.

At first, this movement made a few good arguments, bringing attention to questions like, “why isn’t female against male sexual assault taken as seriously as male against female sexual assault?”

It’s a good question, and it raises a valid point. While male against female assaults of all kinds are far more common, the opposite still occurs and men who are assaulted by women are usually laughed at for being beaten by a girl, and are told to get over it.

Last year’s National Crime Victimization Survey reported approximately 40,000 rapes and domestic violence cases. Out of those, 38 percent were against men.

So of course, after seeing that these men were finally going to not only get a voice, but be taken seriously, I was surprisingly excited to see what could come of this new meninist movement.

However, it didn’t take long before these meninists cared less about equal rights for men and women, and more about parodying feminism.

These men feel they have to complain about matters like mowing the lawn and being asked how tall they are by girls on Tinder, while at the same time women have to deal with oppression, the glass ceiling, street harassment, feeling unsafe to walk alone, and pompous men who think it is humorous to make fun of women trying to have equality.

Male members of the LGBTQ community face higher levels of discrimination than straight men. In fact, many of these men fear going to public places and walking alone because of the treatment they’re likely to receive.

And who is it that make men so terrified to be themselves that they would rather hide away at home than risk going out in public and being assaulted?

Other men.

Where are the straight meninists fighting for the rights and better treatment of men who aren’t straight?

According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, in 2014, 46,235 New York men were stopped randomly by the police and frisked and searched. Out of these men, 55 percent were black and 29 percent were Latino.

Out of these 46,235 men, 38,051 had done nothing wrong and were deemed innocent.

I’m sure it is no surprise that only 12 percent of the men stopped and searched were white.

So where are the white men fighting for equal treatment for men of non-white races and ethnicities who are subject to profiling, racism, prejudice, and discrimination?

It seems to me that a majority of these meninists are privileged men who face the least amount of oppression, and therefore cannot be bothered by the problems faced by people who aren’t lucky enough to be born white, straight, and American.

While white men dominate Congress and 65 percent of elected offices in the country, the rights of non-white and LGBTQ men are often ignored.

So my question is, what is it that you meninists really have to complain about if you’re going to ignore the cries of a large portion of your male population?

I see meninists whining more about women liking tall men with chiseled bodies than the fact that the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs reported 76 percent of people in the LGBTQ community murdered by their partners in 2013 were gay men or that the FBI Crime Reports reported that 3,976 men were murdered in 2013, and 3,505 of those were murdered by other men.

Maybe instead of poking fun at women who only want to be treated as equals to men, meninists should be looking out for their own gender and fighting for the equal treatment of those as oppressed and ignored as we women are.

And perhaps instead of fousing entirely on women and all they think we’re doing wrong, meninists should take a look at the mistreatment and inequality of men that is caused by their own gender.

The truth is the idea of meninism has a lot of potential to spread positivity and be beneficial to society.

If meninists were less concerned about what women do that threaten their dominance in society and cared more about how to improve the lives of men who are underrepresented, murdered, assaulted, and discriminated against, then I would say long live meninism.

I have no interest in supporting a movement run by people who need to get over themselves and start looking at the big picture.

To all of you meninists out there choosing to live a life of ignorance because it is easier and more beneficial to you, do not for one second state that your goal is to fight for equality.

Because if this fight had anything to do with fair treatment, LGBTQ men wouldn’t be terrified of other men harassing them for their sexuality, and men of color wouldn’t have to worry about white men assaulting them for the color of their skin or their ethnic background.

As of right now, meninism isn’t a revolutionary movement.

It is a step backwards in society’s progress.