OP/ED: Christmas in 2020 Is About Working It All Out


A lot of Christmas celebrations are going to be different this year. People are not going to celebrate Christmas the way they used to in the previous years. One way that will stay the same is the same Christmas spirit that a lot of people have.

Sure people are not going to be able to go to Christmas parties and other celebrations, but that is not going to stop them from having another wonderful Christmas.

To a lot of people, Christmas is not just about parties, it’s about spending time with family and friends. Although some people prefer to travel for Christmas ,but due to the pandemic they will not travel anywhere.

Some people just prefer to be home with their families in a warm setting sometimes by the fireplace if they have one. For those who prefer to stay home during Christmas, it’s not going to be much of a difference for them this year from the previous years.

For those who want to travel either to a different state or out of the United States, they might have to get used to staying home for a while.

Some people don’t really mind staying home with their families for Christmas because they just want to be warm and cozy in their pajamas eating a nice hot breakfast on Christmas morning and opening gifts that are underneath the Christmas tree. But some people would rather be in a warm tropical place than be with their family on Christmas.

Mercy College student Etsio Flores has said, ”If you’re with family, you can talk about bonding and how spending time with one another can help out a lot.”

He added that sometimes family visits can be overwhelming so this year’s schedule could alleviate that. But unlike other years, families will likely see how important visits are since the pandemic.

It is a really great thing to work toward especially if they’re issues among family and it needs to be worked out. In the end, that is what Christmas is all about. It is all about having a great time with family bonding and just loving each other.

Christmas is a holiday about spreading cheer to others. People can just sit with their family and watch a holiday movie or drink hot chocolate. They can do the same thing for New Year’s Day if they feel like it.

If anything, Christmas shopping might be a little easier because of two reasons. The first reason is because about everyone is going to shop online and the second reason is that whoever is shopping in stores, it will not be as crowded. Some people are pretty much going to be watching movies all day on Christmas Day.

A bunch of old holiday favorites and new holiday movies are coming out on streaming services such as Netflix and Disney Plus. So it will not be like no one has anything to do on Christmas Day.

For those that were considering spending time with family on Christmas, then that is great for them. Many people maybe have not seen their families in a long time maybe because of work or other reasons.

Spending time with family is good for the psychological reasons and it usually helps someone when they’re feeling upset or something.

Many people have lost loved ones this year but it does not mean that they are not going to celebrate Christmas. Maybe they will not celebrate it in a way that is traditionally spent, but maybe in a way to honor a lost loved one.

Christmas this year is still going to be like in the previous years. All children are going to love it the same way they always have.

So will parents and grandparents. Everyone is still going to have Christmas even though people are stuck in their houses. Christmas is a joy for everyone who celebrates it.

If someone does not get the gift they have wanted for Christmas it is alright because they can always get it next year. Either surprising someone or not everyone is going to get a gift of some kind this Christmas Day. But this is a year to find the true Christmas spirit. Call an old friend. Make up with a family member. Appreciate those you love during this Christmas season.