Hillary Clinton For President?

Hillary Clinton For President?

A few days ago former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton announced her 2016 Presidential Bid.

I remember being asked by a professor two years ago, if I thought the United States was ready for a Woman President and my answer was no.  I answered no, because I did not feel that society would be mature enough to handle a woman running a country that has been male dominated within politics from its beginning. Before a female can utter a word she is already judged by her outer appearance. When Clinton began running for office in 2008 the color of her suit to her latest hairstyle choice, was the common topic of conversation. Her male counterparts were not scrutinized for their looks as she was. She was held to a different standard because she was a woman. Clinton was ridiculed for every wrinkle and line on her face, while her male counterparts were not.

I believe the American society is very sexist and still very traditional within politics. Americans say they want change but when change is presented in front of them, they retreat. Traditionally the man is supposed to be the head of the household, while the woman is behind taking care of the home and children. With the changing of times, this family dynamic has drastically changed but many still hold on to the idea that only a man has the strength to lead a nation. Many people also feel that women may be too emotional when having to make hard decisions. It was interesting to see how many women were confident that Clinton would make the right decisions when it came to health care, but they were not as confident that she would make the right decisions when it came to international crisis and being an effective, Commander in Chief. Clinton was also more favorable to unmarried women and minorities.

It has almost been eight years since her first Presidential Campaign and it will be interesting to see if the sentiments remain the same. While my sentiments have changed I do not believe she will win this election. It will be less of her ability as a woman but more about Americans not wanting another Clinton or Democrat for that matter in the White House. Americans are looking for something completely different.

Upon her announcement the responses were mixed by notable people. Her daughter Chelsea congratulated her of course and Chuck Schumer tweeted “Excited that Hillary Clinton is in and continuing the fight for the middle class. Jeb Bush, the brother of former President George W. Bush tweeted “We must do better than Hillary” then telling his followers to sign a petition if they are committed to stopping Hillary Clinton. Texas Senator Ted Cruz who just put his Presidential Bid in also said that the world was not a safer place, while Hillary was secretary of State. Mitt Romney also tweeted to his followers to sign and join the pledge to stop Hillary Clinton. I believe this time around it will be less about her outer appearance but however it will be a nasty battle, while republicans fight for a place in the White House.

It is still too early to tell how things will unfold but all the claws are out for this 2016 Presidential election and it will be interesting to see who will be standing when the dust settles. I think it will be an unlikely candidate.