Social Media Can Be A Good Thing

Six months ago, Lisa Price, the founder of “Carol’s Daughter” hair products lost her father after a brief illness. She announced on Instagram that her father was sick, and millions of followers began to post encouraging words and Bible verses as well as send out prayers for him. And although he did not make it, Lisa Price went on social media to thank her fans and well-wishers for the outpouring of love and support she received from them.

She stated, “Thanks to all my Instagram family and friends for being there during my time of loss.”

“I really appreciate the get well cards I received and one person sent me a bouquet of flowers that warmth my heart.”

Lisa Price was consumed with joy and her spirit uplifted because of how her social media fans treated her.

Social Networking is a popular trend especially among people ages 7-70. The most common networks are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Skype. With social media one can connect with family, friends, and businesses worldwide.

It is a great way to add excitement to life and stay in touch with our loved ones whom we haven’t seen in years.

Social Media can be a good thing even though members may use it for the wrong reasons which include cyber bullying which leads to suicide, addiction, identity theft, jealous attacks, and depression. These negative effects occur very seldom compare to the wonderful benefits that Facebook and Instagram has to offer or has done over the years.

During the summer of 2015, I saw a website on my facebook profile known as “Health Digest” This website provided information on how to take care of the skin naturally; preventing acne, blackhead and aging. I also saw simple ways to prevent and cure diseases such as cancer and diabetes. From that day I have been going on “Health Digest” because it is like having the doctor at your house.

Diann Valentine is a celebrity wedding planner. Last year she put on a fund-raising event to raise money for the family of Michael Brown in Ferguson. The name of the event was “United for Justice” Diann Valentine was able to spread the message through Facebook and Instagram. Many people turned out for the event and gave money to support the family of Michael Brown.

Diann Valentine posted this message on Instagram, “If one family is affected we all are affected.”

People who don’t read the newspaper or watch the news can hear about national holidays, national wars, death of others, divorces, the president, and other social problems on Instagram or Twitter. Not long ago I found out that a young boy I knew from primary school had passed away. I was shocked when I found out and my heart was broken. I was unable to attend the funeral but the moral of the story is had I not been on Instagram, I would not have known he died.

April Daniels is a wife and mother of two boys. She stays home every day while her husband works and takes care of her.

April wrote on her instagram profile, “I am starting a women’s group soon, and my mission is to unite women who have dealt with jealousy, anger and bitterness from other women.”

In a few months April came out with a group called “Rock out with me.” This group has helped women to forgive each other, and heal the wounds of their past. People on Facebook have joined this group in support of women respecting other women.

I thank God for the person who created Facebook because it is the only way I get to see my former classmates from high school and to keep in touch with them. I miss them very much and Facebook I can talk to them anytime, send them messages and comment their pics. That way we can be in each other’s lives’ even if we are millions of miles apart.

Through Facebook I was able to reunite with several childhood friends whom I haven’t seen in a very long time. I was happy to know that some of them are married, have children and have interesting careers.

Social Media can be a good thing. And I am glad that it was created in the first place. It has become my best friend, keeper of my deepest secret, and I can do anything and learn so much from it every day.