Controversial Flyer Makes Me Realize I See Colors

Controversial Flyer Makes Me Realize I See Colors

There is a controversy brewing at Mercy College regarding KKK recruitment posters found at one of the contracted hotels that students reside in. Whether or not this proves to be a hoax and to what degree is yet to be determined. I wait with great interest regarding how this will play out and like a lot of people, I want answers.

In my role as a budding journalist and full time American, I whole heartedly embrace everyone’s right to freedom of speech, even when what is spoken is not palatable to my being.

As this story is being covered by us here at The Impact, I have been talking to a lot of people regarding their feelings on the matter. There is overwhelming disgust that something like this could happen at our multicultural and diverse school.

I agree.

However, I am by no means surprised. Though a great majority of us strive to be free from prejudice, none of us are totally.

Myself included.

Have I made or laughed at jokes told at the expense of another culture, race, gender or even disability at sometime in my life? Yes. Have I been around others that have made disparaging comments or jokes to that same affect? Yes.

Do I consider myself an intolerant bigot because of  that? No.

Have you ever known a person (maybe even yourself) that says “I don’t see color when it comes to people.” Good for you, I think that is just great.

But me, I see colors.

I see white people…I see black people…I see Asians and Hispanics.

I see Jewish people…I see Muslims…I see Christians…I see God. Well, not literally, but I think you get where I going with this. If not, let me explain.

I don’t believe in washing away all of what makes us belong to a particular group. If you are black, you should be proud. If you are white, you should be proud. If you are of Latin descent, you should be proud.

What you should not be is not ashamed of your heritage or feel superior to another human just because you are proud of the group you identify with. Our genetic make up may be different, but as humans, we are all the same.

So I started this whole piece talking about the recent KKK poster incident here at Mercy and then went on my soap box regarding race and prejudice…but there is a method to my madness.

Trust me.

Though many are outraged that a group like the KKK even exists, they have the right to. We all know the history of this American born establishment with roots that were grown in soil stained of the blood of countless blacks…and whites, mind you. The image of this organization founded on the hate of others will forever be tainted, despite what it may claim to have evolved into.

These days, the KKK touts that they are not a hate group but are now an organization that simply stands for white empowerment.

So they say.

Regardless, if you want to be a part of a group that has such a dubious connotation in the minds of people world wide, you fully endorse and accept their past activities.

What does that say about you?

But you have the right to do so. And we all should listen to what they have to say. We should know what they are up to, know who and what they back, know what their philosophies are; because as long as humans have free will, groups like this will exist.

Not seeing colors is being ignorant to that fact.

So KKK,  or supremest anything, go ahead and speak your mind, because I am more afraid when your silent.