Not Your Average 21 Year Old

Not Your Average 21 Year Old

Tanasia Patterson, Staff Writer

When we are young we always say that we can’t wait to grow up. We get excited when we see our siblings doing things like going out to clubs and hanging out with friends that we just cant wait to do the same things. My older sisters and I are a few years apart. When I was younger I couldn’t wait to hang out with them. One of my sister’s birthdays is a week before mine. This year she had a bowling party and I was so excited because I would finally be able to go. Can you imagine how crushed I was when you had to be 21 and over to get into the place? So I was upset because I only had a week before I turned 21 and I still couldn’t get in because I wasn’t exactly 21.

So everyone was out except for me. I was home bored. My birthday finally comes and my friends and I go out to a club everyone wants to buy me my first drink. I’m excited; I partied and did everything I wanted to do my birthday weekend. I have been 21 for 8 months and after my birthday I haven’t done anything your average 21 year old does. I barely go out on the weekends. It’s so bad that every weekend when my godfather comes over he asks me “why I’m home.” It’s a shame.

I’ve come to realize that I’m not into partying. I rather just go out to eat with friends or sit home and watch movies. I tend to have more fun spending time with my godchildren. I wanted to be 21 so bad that I realize now there was no need to rush.

We tend to want to do things when we are young and when the time comes for us to do them we don’t want to anymore.  Now all I really want to do is travel to places I’ve never been.  I learned my lesson with trying to rush things.  It’s fun being 21 when you want to do certain things but its alright to wait. My little sister wanted to rush to be 18 and I have to tell her it isn’t all you think it is. I tell her to enjoy her youth because when she gets older it is time for her to get ready for the real world. If someone would have told me this is what would happen I would have never rushed it.