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Students Speak Up about Sexual Violence at Adelphi’s Event


Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

April 12, 2014

Mercy College’s students will be attending the third annual “Take Back the Night” event at Adelphi University. The goal for this event is to end sexual violence and spread awareness to all college students across the nation. Ana Zinko, the Assistant Director of Center of Student Involvement said,...

The .COM Bubble is Back; IBM Contest for Mercy Students

Molly Stazzone

April 11, 2014

  The first Web Creators Competition, which was developed by The Center of Online Marketing, is now available for Mercy’s students to win a day at IBM, but it’s only here for a short period of time. Mercy College’s Business Professor Christopher Salute got the idea for a contest and passed...

Pros & Cons of the Affordable Health Care Act

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

April 5, 2014

Health care is one of if not the most sessional insurance policies to obtain. However, why are there so much negative feedback toward the newest health insurance, the Affordable Health Care Act. WHat are the pros and the cons to joining this type of health insurance? Pro: Citizens with no record ...

Justice Was Blind, But Now Can See Wealth

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

April 2, 2014

Life isn't fair. No one said it was, and it shouldn't be fair, because then there wouldn't be any competition, any winners and losers, any motivation and pure drive to do and be the best. Living in a world of unfairness is considered normal; however, I believe the Judicial Branch of Government in this...

Generation Y Do I Care

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

March 27, 2014

I've never had anything handed to me in which, I didn't work hard for. I started working at age 15 at a dentist's office as an assistant. It was a summer job and I earned enough money for clothes, accessories, and food. After that job I worked at public swimming pools during the summer months from 2009-2012....

10 Facts About The World Wide Web

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

March 14, 2014

The World Wide Web turned 25-years-old this week. Let's go back in time when the Internet was a new born baby. 1. The Inventor The Internet was created in March of 1989 by Tim Berners-Lee. 2. The first uploaded image was... This photo shows the French parodic rock group Les Horrib...

Losing Our Religion

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

March 6, 2014

Religion, a long with politics are uncomfortable topics to discuss. However, in the aftermath of the Arizona LGBT segregation bill that was vetoed last week, I think Americans should be speaking out about these 'touchy subjects.' When I was in catholic grade school (Yes, I went to private school...

What ‘Wage’ Will It Go

Molly Stazzone, Impact Staff

March 4, 2014

While a bill that will determine whether the minimum wage increases to $10.10 an hour is been debated in Congress for several weeks now, young people are hopeful while Mercy's business professors aren't buying it. President Obama stated in his State of the Union Address that he is planning on increasing...

10 Most Influential Millennials

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

February 21, 2014

They are called lazy, narcissistic, entitled 20 somethings. The older generations don't understand their lifestyles. Nevertheless, Millennials are the largest and most educated generation among all the rest. Here are 10 famous faces that make up the 80 Million future leaders of tomorrow. 10. Lena Du...

Guns & Race: A Fatal Attraction

Guns & Race: A Fatal Attraction

Molly Stazzone, Staff Writer

February 20, 2014

If you watched or read the news recently you know that once again a white man in Florida shot and killed a black teenage boy/man. Michael Dunn allegedly got into a verbal argument with four teenagers who allegedly were in a car playing loud music. Dunn then took out his gun and shot several shots into...

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