Yellowcard Developing New Album

Yellowcard Developing New Album

Pop rock band Yellowcard announced on Thursday that they are working on a brand new album. Their previous album was recently released in March of 2011. It is great to see a band like Yellowcard being consistent with their music.

Not many bands do this but Yellowcard not only released “When your done thinking, say yes “ studio produced album, but yet created the same exact record only to have the songs being produced acoustic style.

Band member Ryan Key also announced on Thursday that a new single would be released to the public through his twitter account.

“Listening to final demos. We start tracking Monday. Stooooked.”

Yellowcard will be on tour playing a huge show in Belgium along with big pop rock/ska bands such as New Found Glory, Simple plan, Motion City Soundtrack, Reel Big Fish, Rancid, plus many more.

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