Is Tik-Tok Damaging the Music Industry?

Is Tik-Tok Damaging the Music Industry?

Apps come and go and have the power to change anyone’s life.

From Vine, Musically, to Tik-Tok, and YouTube shorts. Teenagers and basically anyone has access to making their own content and the ability to watch others content.

When it comes to posting online, users of the app get to choose from a variety of audios to dance to and make content out of. This is the start of the repetitiveness of hearing a part of a song and not the rest of it. This may be seen as a win-win situation since the artist’s song gets out there.

It turns into a win-lose situation when people go to see the artist in person and only sing the only part they know, thanks to Tik-Tok when the artist points their mic to the audience. This happened to the “Bad Habits” singer Steve Lacy.

Sadly this is becoming the new normal where a newer rapper by the name of Ice Spice made her debut with her song “Munch”, which is best described and acknowledged as Bronx Drill. She performed at Rolling Loud and many speculated that Tik-Tok was also to blame, it seemed like people only came to sing along to the one line they knew and to see her twerk.

When we hear the same thing over again such as a song our brains do us the favor of remembering. The next thing we know we hum the tune and it’s stuck in our heads. 

Tik-Tok’s reputation keeps getting more negative from making certain users more popular than others, stealing from African American users, and their choreographed dances that they’ve made themselves, and now affecting as well as making a thin line between an artist’s song being used as an audio to a potential user using it to make a dance to.

The opposite of what happened to both Steve Lacy and Ice Spice can happen to a song if not most people know of. Tik Tok is seen not only as an entertainment app but an educational one in regards to many topics.  

Many fans still wonder where that leaves Lacy and his music career as he was a member of the R&B group “The Internet”.

The singer’s behavior after what happened to him through Tik-Tok became questionable as he became rude to a fan that simply asked him if he could say hi to their mom during his set. He responded with “ Can you be quiet?” instead. This is the first of many encounters he has had with his fans during his concerts.

Like many artists have eras, Tik-Tok is in its era of consumption like never before. Sped- up versions that artists put out are simply for their labels to get more money if not attention. Who’s to say if Lacy even wanted the attention he has received with his song?

Neither himself, his listeners, or anyone else that has or could have been affected by the attention Steve Lacy and his song were receiving goes to show that the outcome was unknown (as most things are in life). The moments in the song in which he sings about are relatable when having a crush or interest in someone. “I bite my tongue, it’s a bad habit. Kinda mad that I didn’t take a stab at it”. Lacy sings.

Although some fans have started stanning him since 2018 familiarizing themselves with his work they can’t help to feel happy for him and his success, but at the sametime feel bad for him as his others projects are swept under the rug and for people to see him without knowing most of his songs if not lyrics.

On the other hand other fans aren’t worried nor waste their time to be as they are confident he will be successful as he is talented as they strongly believe that he is worthy of being called an artist. 

At the end of the day, Tik-Tok is an app where people will keep going for entertainment and to entertain others.

Unfortunately the way some music lovers have seen and come to love artists overtime has changed for some. But for others they believe that music and the entire industry is being ruined and Tik-Tok is to blame.