“Price Tag” Song by the Recording Artist Jesse J


Jesse J is a fairly new singer who writes songs that gets to the bottom and speaks the truth about basic things that everyone deals with and the reality behind what many of us are afraid to express but probably feel inside. Read the lines of her song “Price Tag” word for word and try to put your own feelings into what she is saying. The message she is conveying is universal and gets to the heart of how we all should live our lives. She believes that the world is caught up on owning material things that they can not even let their hair down and have a good time. Jesse J says that it is not about the money or the bling bling it is again rather about having a good time. She wonders how people sleep at night when the idea of a sale in a store comes first and the truth comes second. We should all stop and smile and forget about how we look and just live life the best we can. People should be less concerned with what others think of them and what they actually think about themselves is much more important. Let go of the mask you are hiding behind and just try and have a good time once again.

The words she raps in this song may sound simple but they actually get deep into how the world is messed up and how society has turned people into people who think a good person is measured by the clothes they wear and how fancy the stuff they own is. The measure of a good person is helping your fellow neighbor. Instead of paying for something with money, we should pay for things with good, clean and honest love. Life is about seeing the world dance and, just for a moment, forgetting about all of life’s everyday problems.

Jesse J wants to see a better world for everyone and we all should want that for ourselves as well and she guarantees that there will be better tomorrows. Music should make us all unite and we should dance and sing for the simple pleasure we can get from it and not for the monetary reward. Just slow down and enjoy each moment that a day can bring us. Look to your left and look to your right and you will see that when you spread love it becomes contagious and others start sharing that love back with you.

An extremely thought provoking part of the song is the rap in the middle of the song by B.O.B. He talks about just wanting the simple pleasures in life like his six string instrument and he tells listeners that you can keep your fancy cars because he does not want them. B.O.B would rather have the rundown, dirty, smelly garage because that is where the magic happens. Magic happens in the real parts of life and too many people live lives that are fake and not genuine. Jesse J and B.O.B have excellent vocals and deliver this song with prefect timing.

Now, press the play button on the first video to hear the full song with the captioned lyrics that will come up on the screen for you to follow along. The second video is of Jesse J’s official music video for the song. I am not a fan of the music video. She could have delved deeper into the message and the video does not enhance the lyrics one bit. Regardless, the song is still great on its own and you can understand the song better without the music video. After listening to the song, it is your turn to make your own impressions and hopefully this song will open up your mind to the reality of the way life has become and how if we just stop even for a second and live life differently how much more happiness we can experience. I cannot wait to hear more of what Jesse J has in store for us with her next songs and we will see if they do this song justice because this song I can play over and over and love it each time a little more and understand messages in the words that I did not pick up on before.  

Jess J making a funny, laughing and smiling pose.