On November 13, 2012  Green Day released DOS! their second of the three album trilogy called UNO!, DOS!,TRE!. The Punk band said that they wanted to do something different for the 2nd album so it’s more garage band sounding.  This time I picked the new cd up after work and I played it, like I said it sounds more garage sounding like Green Day’s side project The Foxboro Hot Tubs. This album was not as good as the first but it was up there, it had some good and some bad songs. I’m going to do what I did last time I’m going to go track by track.

Let’s start it off, track #1 is See You Tonight, a song that sounds very folky and melodic, it’s definitely an interesting and different opener.

Track #2, It’s F*** Time, yes that is the name of the song, I personally like this song and not for the obvious reason. This song is very cool because it sounds like a cross between a Fleetwood Mac, Aerosmith and their own song. The song is pure genius. This song also is one of the songs the band played at The I Heart Radio Festival where frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had the now infamous “I’ve been around since  1988 and I’m not F***in Justin Beiber rant.

Track #3, Stop When The Red Lights Flash,  is a fun garage rock song which is something fresh.

Track #4, Lazy Bones, it’s about being tired and you can’t function anymore and all you want to do is relax, you can get an idea Billie Joe was tired by this time.

Track #5, Wild One, is a song that kinda staggers there a bit and drags on it’s not the best song on the album but it’s okay.

Track #6, Makeout Party, is a crazy party song and it’s all good dirty fun, it’s like smoking a cigarette, sucking back a 40 and beating the shit out of your guitar this song is wild.

Track #7, Stray Heart, the only single on this album, this song is definitely a love song with feeling to it and you can feel the emotion from the guy’s perspective.

Track #8, Ashley, hey Ashley there is a song for you on here. This song is the first in the triology with a girl’s name, it’s not mushy it just punches you in the gut a lot and beats you up. This is the album’s drug addiction.

Track #9, Baby Eyes, this song I just don’t understand, it’s kinda Ramones and Clash reminiscent.

Track #10, Lady Cobra, now take Kiss’ Detriot Rock City,The Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black and The Ramones’ Rock and Roll High School and put them together.

Track #11, Nightlife, a song for you weirdos and guidos who like My Chemical Romance, dubstep and like to party then this song is for you, it’s sexual, dangerous and is like a perfect Saturday Night at the bar. This song features Lady Cobra from the band Mystic Knights of the Cobra.

Track #12, Wow! That’s loud, a good powerful song to jump around to, with a lot of feed back and the best way to listen to it is really loud.

Track #13, Amy, This song is a beautiful tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, it’s got a Sam Cooke feel to it, such a great song to close the album out with.

This album is a definite must buy, if you’re a Green Day Fan this belongs in your collection. Even though right now Green Day had a few bumps in the road with Billie Joe Armstrong going into rehab, but once he gets out they are going to tour the country ready to go and show everyone that they still got it.


Other Green Day Albums: 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours(1990), Kerplunk (1992), Dookie(1994),Insomniac (1995), Nimrod (1997), Warning (2000), International Superhits (2001), American idiot (2004), Bullet in A Bible (2005), 21s Century Breakdown (2009), Awesome as F*** (2011), Uno! (2012).

Look out for TRE! out on December 11,2012.